PIXO VR Machine Introduction

PIXO VR Machine Introduction

Convert CAD to 3D and explore any machine in VR — inside and out.

Lightning-fast CAD-to-3D modeling for any industry.

Learning how a new piece of machinery works is critical to successfully operating it. But training manuals and slide presentations only go so far, and training employees on the machine itself means lost productivity due to the down-time needed in taking it off-line or out of service. PIXO VR Machine Introduction is a simple, cost-effective way to virtualize machines of any size or complexity so trainees can explore and understand them comprehensively. 

A simulation of a machine in virtual reality

Machine Operations

Knowing all parts of a machine is critical — but do trainees understand how to properly operate it? Machine Operations makes the often complicated process of operational usage simple and straightforward with a narrated step-by-step tour, allowing trainees to practice using machinery before doing so on the job.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Will employees know what do if something goes wrong? Will they be able to properly repair or replace critical parts and equipment when it eventually breaks or wears-out? Troubleshooting & Repair leverages Scenario Randomization to prepare trainees for any number of potential faults, contingencies, common mistakes and other problems.

A simulation of a machine showing hot points
An outline of machine equipment in VR

Three Simple Steps

PIXO VR can virtualize any machine quickly and affordably with our simple, 3-step process.

Import CAD file

Send us virtually any native CAD file to begin the CAD-to-VR conversion & optimization process.

Convert and optimize

We optimize the CAD file for VR use, retaining part names and hierarchy, while applying information-rich hotspots.

Virtualize it!

We deliver a fully functional VR experience custom to your specifications and ready to use.

"Out of 13 companies, we chose PIXO VR for their track record of innovation and attentiveness to our needs. The quality of their VR speaks for itself, but their work history, depth of knowledge, and ability to scale to meet our needs won us over. Completely."
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Ray Deatherage, Senior Program Manager
Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

Manage it all with PIXO Apex.™

Access, distribute, and manage VR Training across your entire organization easily with our cloud-based platform.

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