Protect life and property in the most advanced VR Training
simulation ever created for the energy industry.

In real-life, first responders don't get second chances.

Natural Gas Leak Emergency Response challenges trainees in the natural gas industry to search for, find, and properly respond to a potentially deadly simulated gas leak in a residential neighborhood. With multi-user functionality, scenario randomization, and real-time reporting & analytics, it’s the most advanced, intense, and engaging VR Training ever created for the energy industry.


PIXO VR Natural Gas Leak Emergency challenges first responder trainees on five critically important missions:

1. Perform a Leak Investigation

Locate, classify, and document the nature, position, and severity of the gas leak emergency.

2. Identify & Eliminate Ignition Sources

Identify all potential ignition sources that could turn a manageable gas leak into a life-threatening explosion.

3. Evacuate, Ventilate & Secure Area

Follow protocols to properly evacuate, air-out, and lock-down the area surrounding the leak.

4. Communicate & Coordinate with Customers and Local Agencies

Properly coordinate with dispatch and the local fire department to get the situation under control while relaying critical information to potentially at-risk customers.

5. Monitor Changing Conditions on the Ground

Don’t assume things are safe! Actively monitor the situation for changing gas levels, environmental conditions, and other potentially complicating factors.


Multi-User Functionality

Train up to dozens of first responders in the same virtual location at the same time, from any endpoint in the world.

Scenario Randomization

Expose trainees to millions of situational variables, including neighborhood & setting, location & nature of the hazard, potential ignition sources, and changing environmental conditions.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Provide trainees with actionable feedback and give employers and trainers better visibility into what trainees know and what they need to work on.

Simulated Real-World Consequences

Improve trainee decision-making by demonstrating the central importance of following proper procedures — and the potentially deadly consequences of failure.

Scenes from PIXO VR Natural Gas Leak Emergency Response

Prepare your team for anything.

Give first responders real-world practice without real-world danger, cost, and risk.
Get PIXO VR Natural Gas Leak Emergency Response today.

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