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Partnering with PIXO to Build a Low Code Immersive Builder for Enterprise

PIXO VR and Dimension X: Industry-Changing Low Code Extended Reality (XR) Builder for Enterprise

Dimension X – creator of Bonfire™, a low code immersive content creation tool for designers, developers, and storytellers – has collaborated with PIXO to develop and integrate an immersive content creation tool for enterprise on the PIXO platform.  Together, PIXO and Dimension X have enhanced Bonfire as an enterprise XR content solution that makes it easy for every company to create their own VR/AR/MR content and benefit from immersive training, paving the way for widespread adoption and scale.

Features & Benefits

The PIXO builder workings to create custom content
Cross-platform compatibility

Build your training once, and publish it to VR, AR, PC/Mac and mobile devices, through PIXO’s platform.

Visual storytelling

Create non-linear, branching learning paths by dragging and dropping activities and tasks you coded. Experiences can be optimized for the fidelity of different modalities.

Compliant, open system

The PIXO platform is SOC 2 compliant and integrates into your current tech stack, including LMS and other VR/AR platforms.

Global user management

The PIXO platform manages users, groups and org permissions and reporting throughout the world

Reusable, customizable components

Create your own reusable 3D components with contextual intelligence (ie. behaviors) or use the library of components available.  Components are added to the module via drag-and-drop.

Multiplayer functionality

PIXO training for enterprise allows dozens of users to learn, interact, and collaborate in the same space—even if separated by thousands of miles.

Wireless global distribution

The PIXO platform delivers the virtual reality trainings to headsets anywhere in the world. 

Real-time data & analytics

Users benefit from real-time scoring and feedback, given while lessons are still top-of-mind. Trainers benefit from user, org or module-based reporting. All hosted on the PIXO platform.

Scenario randomization

PIXO technology can expose users to different repeatable and randomized workplace scenarios. 

By Creating Your Training in Virtual Reality, You Will See:

43% reduction in workplace injuries

Mining Research Study

70% higher scores on workplace tests

Walmart Internal Study

75% reduction in training time

Boeing Internal Study

30% increase in employee satisfaction

Walmart Internal Study

94% of trainees asked for more VR content

Intel Internal Study

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