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Improve the performance of your team with Virtual Reality

Imagine being inside a safe environment and be part of a high-risk training. Or be in an amazing environment with your company in the spotlight. If you want more effective ways to prepare your team or exciting ways to promote your products and services, you can count on our customizable solutions in Virtual Reality. Just let your imagination go.
An oil and gas platform

Users of this virtual reality simulation don a VR headset and are taken to a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) where they will encounter various scenarios for working at heights in the industry. The training begins with the users selecting correctly their personal protective equipment and work tools. They will be challenged to perform work requirements while on elevated areas on the FPSO vessel such as a turret. They also must perform a routine task on the scaffolding on the deck. Once all of the tasks are complete, the training provides a score on how well the employee met the safety requirements. Utilizing VR in oil and gas industry has been proven to reduce training costs for FPSO training and keep workers safer than traditional training.

Four benefits of Virtual Reality Training

Cost Reduction:

The more people you train, the cheaper your VR experience will be as the cost of an enterprise headset ecosystem is a one-time fee and your learners will complete the training faster, saving employee time


Virtual Reality can be an effective way to prepare your team in high-risk trainings as you create a safe environment that simulates real plant condition


The VR experience makes employees more emotionally connected with the content which increases cognitive capacity, concentration, absorption and retention of the information


Create it your own way. Customize immersive and inspiring experiences to be used however you need

We believe in innovation as a powerful way to touch hearts and start conversations, bringing companies and customers, or companies and employees, together. Whether to promote learning, raise productivity, achieve marketing or communication goals, you can count on us to get you there.

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Why Virtual Reality?

The sensation of living the experience increases cognitive capacity, concentration, absorption and retention of the information delivered by the Virtual Reality contents. In other words, everything you need to impact people by delivering your message in an efficient way.

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