Hazard Recognition

Find and fix safety hazards in fully immersive interactive VR.

Creating a culture of safety requires every employee to be knowledgeable, alert, and engaged. In PIXO VR Hazard Recognition, trainees are challenged to explore photo-realistic 3D work spaces to identify and correct literally millions of randomized potential safety hazards. Turn mistakes into learning opportunities in a risk-free virtual environment with real-time scoring and analytics.

What You'll Learn
  • Properly don Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Whether you’re in our Warehouse or Chemical Storage environment, Job #1 is to gear up with the appropriate PPE — and ensure co-workers are doing the same.
  • Identify and correct potential hazards
    After properly donning your PPE, find and recommend corrective actions for potentially millions of randomized hazards, from improperly stored HazMat to defective scaffolding.
  • Review real-time performance in Scoring Mode
    In Scoring Mode, you’ll be graded on your ability to correctly isolate and fix hazards from a variety of possible options, with scoring that reflects correct, partially correct, and incorrect responses.