Fire Extinguisher Training

Teach corporate safety teams to manage extinguishers and keep employees safe during a fire

This fire extinguisher VR training takes trainees through different simulated fire incident scenes. Each virtual reality scenario involves a typical day-to-day environment, and creates a realistic experience to test fire training. Trainees will use the fire extinguisher (with option of realistic dummy fire extinguisher for tactile feel) to put out the VR fire.

What You'll Learn

This immersive virtual reality fire extinguisher training is an assessment for trainees that have completed fire safety training. The VR headset creates a safe space for trainees to practice their knowledge in a hands on, realistic way. This VR simulation includes:

  • How to properly inspect and handle a fire extinguisher
  • How to put out fires with extinguishers, fire blankets, as well as other items that may be available within the VR environment
  • How to safely escape fire in various emergency scenarios
  • How well trainees perform in extinguisher operation and fire safety procedures

The VR Experience

The fire extinguisher VR training begins with a video on fire safety and a refresher on how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Trainees can then navigate through immersive VR work scenarios that are most likely to involve a fire emergency. The virtual reality environments simulated include an office breakroom, a machine shop, a construction site, and a kitchen. Trainees begin the VR assessments with an inspection of a fire extinguisher to determine if it is faulty or expired. Using the device in an emergency context, trainees are then tested on preventing fires by eliciting proper response usage of the equipment against VR fire situations. After each virtual reality training module, users will receive a scorecard for how well they performed the inspection, prevented fire spread, escaped the fire, etc. When they complete each virtual reality scenario the trainee will get a scorecard showing if they exited successfully, how they found each fire prevention cue, and how well they operated the extinguisher.

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