Gender Expression Harassment Response for Non-Supervisors

Determine if specific behaviors are discriminatory, and support your coworkers.

This is Part 4 of Business Conduct Training for Employees, which fulfills U.S. federal and state anti-harassment and discrimination regulations and training requirements.

Note: Although this is a part of a larger series, this is still an independent module and can be purchased separately.

This is Part 4 of Business Conduct Training. Certification provided with completion of all Parts.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2
What You'll Learn

Learn how to identify and address:

  • Harassment based on gender expression
  • Harassment based on discrimation

Role-play as victim, observer or perpetrator.

The VR Experience

You are playing as Juan. During a breakroom meeting, you notice a manager exhitibing discriminatory behavior towards a coworker. How do you address the manager in a confident and professional manner? How you respond will decide your next path…

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