Apex for Developers

Our platform. Your reality.

Are you an XR developer or a private organization with your own content? Distribute and manage all your VR, AR, and MR solutions smartly and securely with PIXO Apex™.

Deliver smarter, better XR experiences for your clients.

PIXO Apex™ helps XR creators take their passion for immersive experiences to a new level. Integrate with our RESTful Web API now and see what's possible.

Automatic installation and updates

Provision any VR, AR, or MR content directly to devices and users without having to sideload or worry about version control.

Cross-platform support for multiple HMDs

Distribute content to a wide variety of the most popular standalone or tethered VR, AR, or MR head-mounted displays.

Easy user and organization management

Create and edit user profiles and organizational structures, including the ability to extend and revoke permissions.

Data analytics for users (and makers)

Give clients and content creators the ability to collect and analyze in-depth, SCORM-compliant data with a simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Pico Neo 2

No sideloading. No hassle.

Apex™ was designed by XR developers for XR developers. After years of needless complexity, content creators can finally overcome the implementation bottlenecks that can bog XR programs down in the proof-of-concept phase. Push dynamically updated content directly to multiple supported tetherless, standalone HMDs. No more cumbersome sideloading. Just better experiences.

The versatility XR content creators need.

Apex™ is proud to support both Unreal Engine and Unity builds.

PIXO Apex™ works with both Unreal and Unity builds
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Manage everything with one solution.

With PIXO Apex,™ XR creators can distribute and manage content easily and securely. From creating organizational structures, to provisioning content to authenticated users, to managing version control, and ensuring a high-quality end-user experience, Apex™ gives content creators and developers the tools and support they need.