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enterprise distribution extended reality content

Enterprise Distribution of Extended Reality Content

Enterprises are complex, requiring solid foundations to maintain their often far-reaching operations. Proper employee training is an important part of that foundation. Organizations must strike a balance between striving to meet individual employees’ educational and training needs and the bigger … Read More

virtual reality content management

The Next Step in Virtual Reality Training: Content Management

There is a certain pivotal moment that a virtual reality Content Management System (CMS) needs to come into play, making virtual, augmented, and mixed reality much more accessible to employees. Your company has long awaited the arrival of engaging and relevant … Read More

Difference Between 3dof and 6dof, and Why It's Important

If you’re just now getting into the world of VR, the multiple acronyms can be a little confusing. Today, we’re going to demystify two similar terms that have to do with the types of motions and maneuvers you can experience … Read More


PIXO VR's Guide to 6dof and the Oculus Quest

This spring, Oculus VR released its first standalone 6dof wireless headset – the Oculus Quest. But what exactly is “6dof”? And how does it work to make the Oculus Quest such a game-changer? Understanding ‘degrees of freedom’ In a VR … Read More

'Reverb' Reviews: HP's New VR Headset Shines

With the debut of its Windows-based Mixed Reality Headset (WMR) in 2017, HP announced its arrival on the fast-growing VR hardware landscape. Along with its powerful and wearable HP Z-series backpack, the company demonstrated its intention to become a major … Read More

The Dev Team On: HTC Vive & Unity

The Dev Team On: HTC Vive & Unity This installment of The Dev Team at PIXO features commentary from Tech Director Vinh and Engineer Hasnaa.  The HTC Vive is the newest, and arguably greatest piece of virtual reality hardware on … Read More

CCS Alumni Stories: Jeremiah Strackbein & Samantha Turgeon

PIXO's Healthcare App for Henry Ford

PIXO's Healthcare App for Henry Ford

PIXO’s healthcare app for Henry Ford Health Systems / LiveWell program is spotlighted on local NBC. The app helps parents teach children about healthy choices thru fun gameplay! CLICK HERE to watch the video

Effective Product Promo Videos

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Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.

Oscar Wilde