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Scaling Enterprise VR Training: Overcoming the Challenges to Scale

Join us for our Panel Where PIXO will be joined by Chick-fil-A's Rich Beaudrie M.Ed & Marc McConathy

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Join us for our panel where we will be accompanied by Chick-fil-A’s Rich Beaudrie M.Ed & Marc McConathy. We will discuss the challenges and solutions in implementing VR into a training program.

Companies are often intimidated by implementing VR Training due to the challenges of scaling it. Join PIXO VR and Chick-fil-A to discuss how enterprises can overcome these challenges, including: 

  • Getting buy-in from IT and other stakeholders 
  • Compliance and security 
  • Hardware acquisition 
  • Unique use cases 
  • How to blend VR with traditional training methods 
  • LMS Integration 
  • Identifying relevant content and deploying it remotely 
  • Cost/ROI

The event will be held from 1:55 – 2:25 pm on June 2 in Grand Ballroom C of the AWE 2022 conference. Fill out the form, to receive an email reminder ahead of the panel, and a copy of the presentation after.

Join Us for our AWE Panel 
with Chick-fil-A
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Apex, Our Enterprise XR Platform, Allows You to Manage Unlimited Organizations and Programs

Achieve 4X greater engagement and 80% improvement in learning retention with VR training. With the world’s largest off-the-shelf VR Training Content Library, the ability to create custom content for your specific needs and our cloud-based platform, organizations can deploy, use, and scale VR content globally to thousands of users and devices with PIXO.

Apex Gets You Access to the Largest VR Training Content Library

The Apex platform is host to VR training content made by VR content creators throughout the world. This means that a wide range of standard employee training content from hard skills, soft skills, and meditation + mindfulness is at the click of a button for you to provide to your organizations.

Apex Provides Deep Insight Into Training Data at All Levels

The Apex platform automatically tracks training progress at every stage—from headset upload through to completion. Program administrators will be able to see how users are doing with the content, time spent doing training, scores from training assessments, and a host of other data points. This information can be seen by user, group, organization, or across all of your programs.

Our clients are finding success with VR training

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Saudi Aramco had been piloting VR for a few years. They ran into a barrier in fully integrating, as they did not have a scalable platform. Currently, they curate content worldwide, deploying it with Apex™.

gti logo

GTI approached PIXO to create a full library of VR training for the gas industry. They now can offer clients in the gas industry a more cost

JBHXR logo

JBHXR was searching for a cloud-based platform to deliver a variety of XR content, manage users, and capture data at scale. Partnering with PIXO, they can now provide this to their customers.

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Ford Motor Company, Bosch, and PIXO collaborated to ensure technicians are properly trained with innovative VR solutions to provide service and maintenance on the company’s most advanced original equipment.

“We can create realistic simulations of on-the-job work so employees can do it with repetition and oversight. The value of VR is that you have the visual-auditory experience of performing a job task without distractions.”
Tristan Murry headshot
Tristan Murray, Manager, Training Quality & Innovation
Atmos Energy Corporation

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Monetize Your VR Content with PIXO

Stop by Booth 931 to Learn About Monetizing Your Content With PIXO VR's Content Portfolio Director Brad Waid

Join Us for 3 Steps to Monetizing Your VR Content
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PIXO VR has the world’s largest off-the-shelf VR Training Content Library that reaches organizations such as Bosch, Saudi Aramco and Intel.

If you are a developer who has VR content in the Collaboration, Training and Education segment, stop by booth 931 during one of our 10-minute workshops to find out how you can work with PIXO to monetize your VR content. Our sessions will take place 11:30 AM and 3:45 PM on June 2, and 10:30 AM on June 3. Contact Brad (@techbradwaid or Brad Waid) on social media to find out more and for a 20% discount code to attend AWE. 

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Your Content can Reach These Organizations

Are you a VR Developer? Monetize your Content on Apex, Our Enterprise XR Platform

Monetize your VR content by hosting it with PIXO. Reach more VR content buyers and create a steady revenue stream for your company. VR training for workplace safety and soft skills are rapidly growing, and the need for standard industry-specific training like in public safety, construction and healthcare are taking off, too.

We have growing demand for VR training content!

PIXO partners with the best developers and agencies to get the best content for business training. Standardized training content earns the most revenue as it can be used across industries. If you have the expertise and skills to create content in these areas, we’d love to have you increase your earnings by hosting it on PIXO Apex.

Note, if you create custom content for a client, you can also upload that to Apex for your clients to access wirelessly and to get the tracking and provisioning capabilities they want.

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