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Automated External Defibrillator Training with FreeRangeXR

The following was submitted by PIXO content partners: FreeRangeXR Out of the hundreds of thousands of cardiac arrests happening outside of hospitals in the U.S. each year, over 350,000 in 2020 alone, only about 10% of the victims survive. Proper … Read More

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Virtual Reality for Fall Protection Training

Construction, by its very nature, is full of the hazards of partially built structures, open holes, and incomplete surfaces and structures, not to mention the often dizzying heights. We all know that fall protection and prevention must be top-of-mind at … Read More

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Is Your Business Ready for Virtual Reality Training?

Many training managers are pondering this simple question: Is my business ready for virtual reality training? But the real questions (read: fears) lurking in the back of their minds are: What the heck is virtual reality-based training? What would it … Read More

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10 Benefits to Virtual Reality Construction Safety Training

In 2016, there were 370 fatal falls out of 991 construction fatalities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Construction safety and fall protection training, in particular, is a severe problem that needs a better solution. Consider this true story… … Read More