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PIXO CEO Sean on a title card

Organizations Entering The XR Space Need Simplicity and Clarity

An All-In-One Platform like Apex™ Provides That A message from PIXO VR CEO Sean Hurwitz, following the AWE 2022 Conference & Expo Earlier this month, we joined industry leaders at AWE 2022 in Santa Clara, CA. Many of the newest … Read More

A man in a red hoodie using a VR headset

How Hand Tracking Levels Up From Haptic

VR technology is rapidly expanding and advancing, enabling more realistic experiences with each new iteration. Haptic technology has been all the rage, but excitement over better haptics is now giving way to the need for better visual renderings. While haptic … Read More

Someone in a green shirt using VR

Comparing Virtual Reality Software Engines

Few markets are as hot as virtual reality (VR). Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and others are all implementing VR or its siblings augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). When consumers and corporations look at VR, their attention usually goes … Read More

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4 Research Papers to Support Your VR Training Business Case

Virtual reality training research is helping more and more companies understand that a VR training program can be the fastest, most effective way to train their employees. However, some CEOs and shareholders remain hard to convince, leaving CIOs and CTOs … Read More

A VR controller

How to Pick the Best Virtual Reality Education Software

Picking quality training materials and methods are essential to developing a confident and competent workforce. Traditionally, this means outlining the skills and knowledge that employees need to master and then building out an appropriate curriculum — often slides, worksheets, and … Read More