Patrol a mile-long simulated gas pipeline to ensure it's operating correctly — and safely.

Hop in the cab of your truck — there's work to do.

In PIXO VR Pipeline Patrolling, use real-life training methods and critical thinking skills in a fully immersive and interactive simulated environment to patrol a one-mile stretch of pipeline. Trainees must inspect, identify, document, and, if necessary, correct possible Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs) that could threaten the safety of local residents.


Saudi Aramco
DTE Energy
New Jersey Natural Gas
Atmos Energy
Nicor Gas
Consumers Energy
Peoples Gas



“Out of 13 companies we considered to build our VR training simulations, we chose PIXO VR, not only for their track record of innovation, but for their attentiveness to our needs. The quality of their VR speaks for itself, but it was their established work history, depth of technical knowledge…and ability to quickly scale their VR Training solutions to meet our evolving needs that won us over. Completely.”


Sr. Program Manager for Energy Delivery


Developed in partnership with subject matter experts from GTI as part of our suite of VR Training for the Natural Gas Industry, PIXO VR Pipeline Patrolling allows participants to assume the persona of either a new Trainee, an Experienced Technician, or a Training Instructor, and are given a chance to practice and be assessed on their ability to correctly complete a multi-step safety inspection.

Line Patrol

Understand and complete inspection requirements for both above- and below-ground lines. Replace outdated or broken markers and signage.

Identify & Correct AOCs

Trainees must accurately identify and take the appropriate corrective actions in the case of Abnormal Operating Conditions, (AOCs).

Reporting & Documentation

Ensure all aspects of the patrol and inspection are documented — from the AOC found, to the steps taken, to the scenarios resolution.

Scenes from PIXO VR Pipeline Patrolling

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