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Get Familiar With Using a Fire Extinguisher With Aviation Virtual

Realistic Simulation of Fire and Extinguishing Agents

Trash can on fire with trash around it


In this virtual reality scenario participants will practice proper usage of a fire extinguisher and how to safely respond and escape real-world fire situations. Participants completing this training will learn to properly handle a fire extinguisher and safely escape fire in emergency situations. At the end of each simulation users will be scored on how well they operated the fire extinguisher and responded to environmental fire safety cues.

Learning Methods:

Inspecting the equipment, users are challenged to recall proper training to tell if the fire extinguisher is faulty or expired. Using the device in an emergency context, users are then tested on preventing fires by eliciting proper response usage of the equipment against simulated real-world fire situations.​

Different fire extinguishers lined up
Scooter on fire putting out with fire extinguisher

End User Personas:

Users will have completed fire safety training and this supplemental material works to reinforce the learnings and allow users to practice the material in real-world contexts. Users may come from professional sectors such as construction workers, welders, or chefs; or private realms like anyone experienced with cooking at home.

Grading Hub:

Following the completion of each scenario, users will be placed in a grading hub where they are able to review the success of each scenario and receive a score for the completion of each scenario. They are able to review the main scoring scenarios and assess how they have performed.

Fire extinguisher training location vr sim

Aviation Virtual Fire Extinguisher provides Simulations of Four Contextual Fire Scenarios

Office Environment

Generic Office Breakroom Scene (ex: table and chairs, counter and sink, watercooler, refrigerator, etc)

Construction Site Environment

Generic construction site (scaffolding, ladders, pipes, trucks, wires, tubes)

Shop Environment

Generic machine or metal working type shop (tools, benches, warehouse, trash, boxes, palettes, paint cans)

Home Cooking

Generic kitchen scene (sink, refrigerator, stove, microwave, table and chairs)

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Core Learning Objectives You Will Learn About Fire Safety

A grouping of 5 fire extinguishers

Different scenarios keeps user engaged in learning through self-discovery of their responses and actions in a simple fire drill:

Users toggle through the different scenario for this self-paced learning; to repeat numerous attempts to get it right through self-exploration.

Where the best test, is in a Real Encounter.

Everyone could first relate this to an organized community engagement event:

The conventional community engagement setting allows for one-self to experience fire in a ‘mock-up’ fire scenario. This comparison provides for building confidence of the users.

A child learning fire extinguisher training

Fire Extinguisher is simple to operate - only a few steps away

Many countries National Fire Services is responsible for the Community Emergency Preparedness Program, where the focus is on familiarization and training of public and schools children on basic lifesaving and essential emergency procedures with practical hands-on engagements. This Fire Extinguisher VR Simulator helps the public to get familiarized on using them and rehearse through what they learn, to help others and themselves during emergencies.

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