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With Virtual Reality Training


Virtual Reality Improves Employee Training Outcomes

The Benefits of VR Learning are:

4x faster to train

2.75x more confident

3.75x more connected

4x more focused

More cost effective

PwC study: How virtual reality is redefining soft skills training

PIXO is Trusted Across Various Industries

PIXO Makes it Simple to Run Your Enterprise VR Training Program

The PIXO platform, streamlines the management of your training program—making it worry-free for training directors.
PIXO Apex downloads data


Browse and select the best VR training content for your employees.

PIXO apex user list


Manage content permissions to specific orgs, groups, and users.

Pixo Apex API access settings


Wirelessly send VR training content to any headset in the world.

VR Training Tracking


Track progress of training including status, completion and scoring.

Pixo Apex API access settings


Integrate data with Learning Management Systems with our API.

Off-the-Shelf Training Content Makes it Easy to Get Started

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Companies Using PIXO are Seeing a Big Impact on Their Business

Solving skilled labor shortages

Making diversity training effective

Reducing workplace injuries

Improving employee wellness

Seeing better results for less

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We are always looking for quality VR training content that adds value to businesses. We partner with the best VR content developers and help them succeed.

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"With their groundbreaking feature set, ability to scale to meet demand, knowledge of their market, and culture of continuous innovation, PIXO VR has been an ideal ally for HP as we lead the way in providing complete XR solutions for global business in the 21st Century."
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