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After Training 2022, Here’s How VR Helping Training

A message from PIXO VR CEO Sean Hurwitz, following the Training 2022 Conference & Expo Last week, training and development, learning, and performance professionals from both the public and private sectors converged at the Training 2022 Conference & Expo at Disney’s Coronado … Read More

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How to Get Started with VR Training

In an increasingly virtual working environment, HR and Safety Training departments are challenged with providing a great employee experience and effective training to help close the skills gap. The past few years have brought about significant changes in the way … Read More

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Transitioning from Old Training Methods to Virtual Reality

More and more organizations are transitioning to virtual reality (VR) as a supplementary tool for corporate training. VR training provides organizations with another avenue to train individuals through hands-on practice.  Experiential learning, the process of learning through experience or “learn … Read More

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Looking at The Pros and Cons of XR Training Content

Off-The-Shelf VS Custom Content Training and development have seen a tremendous uptick in online delivery systems during the past year, with little sign of slowing down. With more and more organizations embracing the value of work-from-home employees, how enterprises conduct … Read More

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Off-the-Shelf XR Training Content for Manufacturing

While VR, AR, and MR are related, they are not interchangeable — each brings a unique value to training content for organizations, often in the manufacturing sector, making up the larger umbrella term, Extended Reality (XR).  Mixed Reality (MR) combines … Read More

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Problems Enterprise is Facing with Mixed Reality Content Management

As enterprises begin to adopt more Mixed Reality applications, they will need a better way to manage the enterprise distribution of this new content to improve scalability within large organizations. Enterprises across many fields such as architecture, engineering, retail, science, … Read More

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What Are Broader Applications of Extended Reality?

What Are Broader Applications of Extended Reality? As Extended Reality (XR) becomes more widely available in multiple forms, the technology is continuing to demonstrate its usefulness and benefits across an expanding number of businesses and organizations. Extended Reality applications are … Read More

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How VR for Training is Different Than What Your Kid Got for Christmas

The holidays have come and gone and some lucky kids (maybe even some grown-up kids) received virtual reality technology under the tree. There are offerings for existing game platforms like Sony Playstation, as well as several that work by slotting … Read More

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How to Create a VR Training Classroom or Add VR to Your Classroom

Part Three In the first two parts of our series, we looked at why your company should be considering VR training, as well as how to go about creating and implementing a training regimen. For many companies, however, knowing how … Read More

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What Makes Great Virtual Reality Content

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have taken the tech world by storm. Once only a fantasy, virtual reality has become increasingly common in the world of gaming, real estate, education, travel, and, in our case, training. Smartphones, tablets … Read More