Virtual Reality

vr content distribution

Utilizing VR Content and Efficient Distribution for Culture

Companies perform best when their employees are properly trained, connected, and aligned with the vision and culture. The distribution of VR content brings siloed teams together, enhances empathy, puts employees in another person’s shoes, and places workers in environments they’ve … Read More

how to implement virtual reality training

How Your Organization Can Implement Virtual Reality Training

With deployment and implementation that’s easier than ever before, virtual reality (VR) is poised to redefine corporate employment training and boost business growth around the globe. If you’re interested in new training methods and have ever wondered how to implement … Read More

hiring during COVID

Don’t Stop Training or Hiring During COVID

Job candidates won’t be ending their interviews with physical handshakes in the near future, but that doesn’t mean there are no jobs to be done. As the COVID-19 pandemic grinds on, organizations are struggling with hiring and training new employees. … Read More

virtual reality content management

The Next Step in Virtual Reality Training: Content Management

There is a certain pivotal moment that a virtual reality Content Management System (CMS) needs to come into play, making virtual, augmented, and mixed reality much more accessible to employees. Your company has long awaited the arrival of engaging and relevant … Read More

vr platform

What an Ideal VR Platform Looks Like

Virtual reality is one of many business tools that have become increasingly important in our new digital landscape. Demand has grown for more collaborative and efficient technology that can also help people overcome physical barriers. With the massive disruption to … Read More

How to Scale Virtual Reality Training for Enterprise

How to Scale Virtual Reality Training for Enterprise

Introducing and implementing new training initiatives can be challenging, even for small organizations with few requirements. First, there’s the inertia, (“but we’ve always done it this way!”). Then, there’s the small matter of budgets, (“we fight for every dime we … Read More

How Hand Tracking Levels Up From Haptic

VR technology is rapidly expanding and advancing, enabling more realistic experiences with each new iteration. Haptic technology has been all the rage, but excitement over better haptics is now giving way to the need for better visual renderings. While haptic … Read More

Immersive Learning and Virtual Reality

Immersive learning in its rawest, most basic form isn’t much different than the old-fashioned method of tossing someone into a pool to teach them how to swim, (that example, of course, would be immersive learning quite literally). Today’s immersive learning … Read More

group vr training

Virtual Reality Training as a Group

Should you be using VR to train your employees? Companies that use VR tech instead of traditional methods to teach employees are finding their employees learn faster and retain more information longer after training. Previous to now, the high cost … Read More

How Virtual Reality Suits Different Learning Styles

One of the most frequently cited challenges for training managers and departments is the ability to deliver their training in an even, uniform way that works for all their students and trainees. One reason why this can be so difficult … Read More