Give employees listening skills that improve collaboration and productivity

This virtual reality (VR) active listening training course teaches employees powerful techniques for communication that will significantly improve employee interpersonal skills. Effective communication can radically change the daily interactions, both virtual and in-person, between employees. VR has been proven to be an effective way for employees to practice soft skills in a safe environment.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Pico Neo 2, 3, 4, HTC Focus Plus
What You'll Learn

In this active listening training module employees will be learning listening techniques needed to develop strong communication skills and improve relationships with peers. Learning the skills to be a great listener makes for more productive meetings, where communication is respectful. The training includes:

  • Learning to identify poor listening behaviors such as:
    Closed questions

    • Interruptions
    • Closed body language
    • Minimizing emotions
    • Judgmental statements
    • Talking about oneself
  • Practicing good listening behaviors such as:
    • Asking open questions
    • Looking to clarify
    • Not offering unsolicited solutions
    • Not ignoring or minimizing emotions
    • Keeping opinions to yourself
    • Not talking about yourself

The VR Experience

In this VR active listening skills training, employees are placed in an immersive simulations where they are meeting with two colleagues, Dave and Amy. Dave just got feedback from his manager and he’s pretty upset. He needs to talk. Amy jumps in and tries to help out…poorly. The employee’s first task is to observe Amy and identify poor active listening behaviors. Later, face-to-face with Dave, the employee will have a chance to listen to Dave and practice active listening skills in order to help him towards finding a solution. This active listening online training ends with the employee able to review their scores for assessing Amy’s listening and practicing active listening techniques. Employees can repeatedly practice these skills within the VR course content to become effective listeners.

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