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Learn soft skills in VR with Bodyswaps.

Practice and develop communication, teamwork, and leadership skills in a safe and realistic environment.

PIXO and Bodyswaps partnered to offer 3 series' of simulations on the Apex™ platform:

Workplace Communication Essentials

This series of 4 simulations, targeted at all team members from juniors to managers, is designed to build the foundations of a high-performing team environment. Learners will get to practice and build the necessary confidence to adopt best practices in active listening, horizontal communication and challenging non-inclusive.

Inclusive Leadership

Teams are increasingly diverse, remote, cross-disciplinary and demand empowerment and the utmost respect for individual differences. To sustain high-performance and foster well-being, leadership culture needs to change. This series of 3 simulations is designed for managers looking to adopt an inclusive leadership style by learning to listen and give feedback as well as understanding and resolving conflict.

Job Interview Simulator

Bodyswaps’ Job Interview Simulator is a first-of-its-kind solution, empowering students to learn interview techniques, perfect their pitch and practice dozens of interview questions. Across 4 engaging virtual reality modules and over 75 questions, students build their job interview skills autonomously, through repeated practice, personalized feedback and in total psychological safety.

Soft skills VR training can enhance employee engagement, speed up learning times, and improve confidence.


of learners report a significant improvement in their self-awareness and knowledge of how to improve their skills.


of learners report a significant improvement in their confidence to apply the simulated soft skills in real situations.


of learners report being likely to recommend Bodyswaps to their colleagues over traditional forms of training.

Give your employees the chance to learn soft skills in a safe and realistic environment that boosts their confidence.

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The perfect option to improve communication, inclusivity, and leadership throughout your organization!

Get Virtual Reality Training for Soft Skills, Available Now

Three benefits of soft skills training with Bodyswaps & PIXO

Transform Behavior

Deliver effective behavioral change by developing skills and confidence through engaging, safe and repeatable contextual learning.

Measure Success

Measure competency with unprecedented accuracy, automate feedback and predict performance with our AI-powered behavioral analytics engine.

Cost Efficiency

Using our off-the-shelf modules in VR, on mobile or PC, blend in autonomous practice into your learners’ journey at scale and cost-efficiently.

Take a closer look at the three simulations offered on Apex™

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