Clear Communication VR Training

Empower employees with communication skills that improve collaboration

Soft skills training requires practice. Employees need an engaging, interactive way to safely develop their communication skills. Bodyswaps, experts in soft skills VR training, developed this virtual reality communication training to help companies improve employee communication and productivity. This VR communication skills training helps participants to learn a set of techniques that get them heard, understood, and will help them positively influence others.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, HTC Focus+, Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 3
What You'll Learn

Learners using this clear communication VR training will enter an immersive virtual reality environment where they can fine-tune their skills. Learning objectives for this training include:

  • Learning to identify poor communication practices. This training includes:
    • Using filler words and jargon
    • A lack of confidence shown in hesitation or a lack of conviction in statements
    • Using body language that is defensive or defeated
    • Lacking structure or precision in how you communicate
  • Practicing good interaction skills. This training includes:
    • Evaluating the other person’s availability
    • Eliminating blame and subjectivity
    • Making clear and concise asks that are built on facts
    • Maintaining visual contact and an open body language

The VR Experience

In this virtual communication training, learners will enter an immersive, virtual reality workplace simulation where they have been working with a virtual Daniel on a project that a virtual Sonya is overseeing. The delivery is due tomorrow but something came up and an extension is needed. Daniel is doing a pretty terrible job of communicating what happened and what is needed. The learner’s first task is to observe Daniel and identify poor communication skills. Then, face-to-face with Sonya, the learner will have the opportunity to explain the situation and request a delay. When the virtual communication is complete, the learner will receive feedback within the VR scenario on how effective they were at identifying poor skills. Additionally, the participant will find out in the simulation if the delay was granted by Sonya, showing that they demonstrated their learning with effective soft skills.

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