Conflict Resolution VR

Empower managers with workplace conflict resolution training for better employee retention

This virtual reality (VR) workplace conflict resolution training provides an immersive experience where employees can safely practice strategies and communication techniques for effective conflict resolution. Teams are increasingly diverse, remote, and cross-disciplinary. To sustain high productivity and foster organization well-being, leaders needs training for mediation of employee conflict resolution in the workplace.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, HTC Focus+, Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 3
What You'll Learn

This virtual conflict resolution training puts employees into a VR scenario where they will experience workplace communication scenarios to learn a set of techniques to resolve issues. The employee can also use these techniques to coach a manager into better conflict management. This virtual reality training includes:

  • Observing a leader who is perpetuating workplace conflict
  • Learning to identify the negative behaviors causing problems in the workplace
  • Developing skills to help others address the source of their conflicts and to resolve them
  • Practicing coaching others toward conflict resolution

The VR Experience

In this conflict resolution VR training, employees will enter an immersive virtual reality scenario where they will experience a meeting. Specifically, Jeremy has set up a project meeting with his team members Abeeku, Leonard and Florence. Given the explosive team dynamic, Jeremy would need to display expert leadership skills to keep the meeting on track. Unfortunately, he fails and the meeting goes terribly wrong. After that, Jeremy requests the learner’s help to understand how improving his own leadership skills could help the team address and resolve their problems in a more constructive way. The learner must identify challenging behaviors that are preventing conflict management. They must also develop their approach to help find resolution. The virtual conflict resolution training ends with the employee able to review how they performed and repeat the VR experience as desired to learn how to better handle conflicts in the workplace.

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