Operator Qualification Training

Certify gas operators to identify and manage gas leaks in residential homes

This operator qualification online training uses virtual reality (VR) to ensure operators are qualified to handle residential gas leaks. This fully immersive experience for operator qualification (OQ) puts users into a life-like environment for real-world assessment of OQ pipeline requirements. Employee or contractor operators using this qualification content will be assessed on their ability to identify and rectify any hazards, leaks, or incorrect safety procedures and warnings.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, Linux, HTC Vive, HTC Focus Plus
What You'll Learn

Participants using this VR training for operator qualification will need to prove they are qualified for pipeline safety inspection to find and manage a residential gas leak. The virtual reality experience trains and assesses users on outside leak investigation tasks. Covered tasks in this operator qualification assessment include:

  • Receiving and reviewing a Work Order and questioning the customer about the pipeline leak
  • Performing appropriate tasks to find the leak
  • Classifying the pipeline leak
  • Noting all Abnormal Operation Conditions (AOCs)
  • Responding properly to AOCs and hazards
  • Documenting and reporting the findings and actions taken to address the leak

The VR Experience

After outside leak investigation training, employees and contractors need to be assessed on the covered tasks and requirements for operator qualification. This qualification training does this by putting operators through two evaluation simulations—service line leak and a foundation wall leak. Both training evaluations begin with the VR user reading a virtual Work Order, heading to the customer address, then speaking with the customer about the leak. The user must then identify and report any abnormal operating conditions or hazards that they find looking at the meter. Next the user must investigate around the outside of the house for any leak points. This requires attention to detail on the covered tasks for safety inspections. Users must show proper use of CGI and Plunger Bar tools to find the leak concentration, zero out, and then mark the main leak with cones. If a leak is found, the operator will need to report and/or fix said leak in the proper method for it’s Leak Grade. Users will receive a performance report and score for each evaluation to determine if they have met the training requirements for OQ certification.

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