Fire Prevention on Construction Sites

Train construction workers to prevent fire when on the job site

Fire can damage and destroy buildings in seconds. Virtual reality fire safety training enables learners to explore a risk-free, virtual construction building site to identify common fire hazards. This VR experience covers fire protection and prevention when using construction equipment in various environments and performing fire risk tasks. This fire safety VR training is used in conjunction with hazard recognition training and housekeeping safety training.

Headset Availability:
Oculus Quest 1, 2, Pro, HTC Focus Plus, HTC Focus 3, HTC Vive, Pico Neo 3
What You'll Learn

This virtual reality fire safety training will test construction worker’s knowledge of fire safety and prevention. This VR training scenario is part of a trio of construction work fire and hazard courses:

  • Hazard recognition – training that covers hazard awareness and proper use of hand tools, lifting, rigging, and bull rigging, electrical safety and lockout/ tagout, environmental and industrial hygiene, confined spaces and hot work, MEPI and evacuations, dropped item prevention/protection, fall protection, scaffolding, and silica dust.
  • Fire prevention – training that covers OSHA fire prevention when using hand tools, environmental and industrial hygiene, and in confined spaces and hot work.
  • Housekeeping safety – training that covers the OSHA safety rules for electrical and lockout/ tagout, environmental and industrial hygiene, and dropped item prevention/protection.

The VR Experience

This VR construction fire safety training takes the trainee into an immersive simulation of a building construction site. The VR scenario begins with trainees exploring the site looking for hazards that could cause a fire. Once fire hazards are identified, the trainee will need to perform a series of work tasks, demonstrating fire prevention knowledge by properly following safety procedures. The VR fire training will test learners in their ability to properly use hand tools without starting a fire. They will also need to work in confined spaces, and most importantly to execute hot work without causing a risk of fire. After demonstrating knowledge of fire safety, trainees will be able see within the VR experience items at the construction site that are colored red, yellow, or green to indicate which fire hazards they identified correctly and can access the information to review errors. This training can be repeated until trainers are confident in the learner’s construction site fire safety knowledge.

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