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With rates of heart disease on the rise in recent years, CPR training is more important than ever. Studies show simply having someone present who knows CPR outside of the hospital increases chance of survival to 45% as opposed to 10%. Ensuring more of the population can recognize when CPR is necessary and effectively administer treatment has the potential to save thousands of lives. At FreeRangeXR, we sought out a way to create an efficient, accessible, cost effective, and retentive way to practice CPR. After conducting extensive research and consulting industry professionals, we created accurate and engaging virtual reality experiences. These modules provide not only knowledge of how to perform CPR, but also the confidence to do so in the real world. 

When creating the CPR module, we wanted to make it feel as realistic as possible. When a user is immersed in a situation with ‘real’ people who are actively undergoing cardiac arrest, they feel the intensity and emotions one might experience in that situation, and build better muscle memory carrying out the necessary procedures. This sort of training exercise is much more memorable in comparison to using a dummy where you are essentially just going through the motions. We also elected to conduct training in an office space because it is where people spend much of their day. No small detail in the process of administering CPR was left out. For example, one of the first things you do once you ascertain that CPR is needed is have another person call emergency services. In real life, this often fails because a person may call out, “someone call 9-1-1” but get no verification that it was done. We require them to get such verification to pass the lesson. 

All of these features create a CPR module that is both engaging and memorable. Virtual Reality CPR will give employees peace of mind knowing they and their colleagues are prepared in case of emergency.

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