First Responder Operations Modules now Available

A truck on fire with first responders around it

PIXO Apex™ Adds New Headset Availability for First Responder Operations Modules


ROYAL OAK, Mich. — Extended reality solutions provider, PIXO has announced new headset availability and multi-user functionality for their ‘First Responder Operations’ modules, available on Apex™.

First Responder Operations (Hazmat Tanker & Trailer) has a new and improved Oculus Quest build, along with a new build for Pico Neo 3, along with the existing HTC VIVE availability.

Along with the increased availability to the First Responder Operations (Hazmat Tanker & Trailer) module, PIXO has also added additional headset builds for the First Responder Operations (Hazmat Train Derailment) module. The Train Derailment experience can now be accessed on Quest, Pico Neo 3, and HTC VIVE.


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