Lock Out Tag Out Module Updated & Available on New Headsets

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PIXO Apex™ Adds Updates / New Headset Availability for Lock Out Tag Out Module


ROYAL OAK, Mich. — Extended reality solutions provider, PIXO has announced new headset availability and various updates for their ‘Lock out Tag Out‘ module, available on Apex™.

Lock Out Tag Out will now be available on HTC VIVE Focus 3 and Pico Neo 3, along with the previous availability on HTC VIVE Pro, HTC Focus Plus, Oculus Quest and Pico Neo 2. 

Enhancements to this module include: updated introduction audio, added hint feedback, and an added step titled ‘Group Lockout’. Through the added hint feedback, when users make an error, they will not be forced to restart the training and will be given a chance to redo the step while staying present in the module. The added ‘Group Lockout’ step introduces lock stations, a lock logbook, and a group lockout box.

More info on ‘Lock Out Tag Out’:

This training, developed by VECTRE, is broken into 4 interactive learning modules that cover the whole Lock Out Tag Out procedure: Preparation, where you learn what kind of maintenance requires lock out tag out, as well as how to prepare a space for lock out by removing hazards and notifying workers. Lock out, which requires isolating, powering down and locking out sources of energy. Group Lockout, which introduces lock stations, a lock logbook, and a group lockout box. Final training that will encompass everything learned from previous modules. You will be walking around and inspecting machines from all angles, physically interacting with machine components like levers, buttons and valves, and complete each objective with feedback on your progress as you go.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identify situations that require Lockout/Tagout
    Use critical thinking skills to determine if a Lockout/Tagout procedure is needed.
  • Teach trainees the correct steps in LO/TO procedure
    Ensure trainees understand the correct order of operations in a LO/TO scenario.
  • Use a documented machine shutdown procedure
    Demonstrate the correct procedure to shut down a machine safely for maintenance or repair.
  • Reinstate equipment when safe to resume operation
    Return a machine to safe working order after it has been cleared for use.


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