PIXO Has Improved VR Management to One Easy Step

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As VR training becomes more prevalent in enterprise, one of the leading issues users have identified is how complicated managing the training seems. With PIXO, VR management has been simplified to just one easy step.

Traditional VR content and user management involves an MDM and requires multiple steps with the platform and MDM to ultimately allow users to access their training in the headset. When users access the training, the apps are listed among all of the non-training apps in the headset, making for a complicated, often messy experience.

With PIXO, you only access the PIXO platform to assign users to training, and the users put on their headsets to access their individualized training, in an area separate from other VR apps.

Only PIXO offers this one-step management system, making VR training even easier.

  • Distribute and manage training content in one step within the PIXO platform
  • Create and manage users in one step within the PIXO platform
  • Manage content and requirements by user
  • Access all training VR content in a single location on the headset, separate from other VR apps

Transform your training with virtual reality!

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