PIXO Launches Groundbreaking Platform for VR, AR, MR

PIXO Apex: XR Made Simple.

Extended Reality (XR) Solutions Provider Streamlines XR Implementation with New ‘PIXO Apex’ Platform



ROYAL OAK, Mich. — Extended reality (XR) solutions company, PIXO, which recently made news with its VR Training collaboration with global engineering firm Bosch and Big Three automaker Ford Motor Company, has announced the launch of ‘PIXO Apex’, a first-of-its-kind XR content distribution, management, and analytics platform designed to make XR easier than ever for enterprise clients and other major organizations to deploy, use, and scale. Critically, this new platform stands apart from other solutions with its ability to manage all three XR technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) applications, with a single, cloud-based system. 

Fortune magazine recently estimated the XR industry will grow to $250 billion by 2026, particularly in light of the need for more remote and virtual work, collaboration, and training solutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that rapid growth has created its own challenges, said PIXO Founder and CEO Sean Hurwitz.

“PIXO Apex solves issues around content, hardware, and distribution on a global scale which have, up until now, held the industry back from reaching its full potential,” Hurwitz said, referencing common implementation hurdles he’s witnessed since his company first started developing virtual reality training solutions for business in 2016.  

“Enterprise VR Training is an important space for us and why we invested in PIXO last year,” said Angelo Del Priore, partner at HP Tech Ventures, the venture capital arm of HP Inc. “In PIXO, we see a company delivering compelling XR solutions to customers across industries like construction, manufacturing, energy, and public safety.”

Hurwitz said the beauty of his company’s new platform is its simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use. With PIXO Apex, organizations that need content can access a growing library of VR, AR, and MR titles, license what they want, then provision that content to a wide variety of popular XR headsets, including models from HP, Oculus, HTC, and Pico, as well as non-XR digital devices. Organizations who already have content, developed internally or by third parties, can also distribute and manage it simply by integrating those titles with the PIXO Apex platform’s web-based API.

Perhaps even more exciting for the XR industry is what happens on the user end. Once VR, AR, or MR titles are provisioned to devices, authenticated users can securely download experiences to tethered, head-mounted displays (HMDs) or directly to tetherless, standalone headsets without the need to individually sideload content. SCORM-compliant data, session duration, and other user metrics can be viewed in real-time on an organization’s reporting dashboard, and can be integrated into a company’s existing learning management system, (LMS).

By offering content, distribution, and management, PIXO Apex represents a complete, end-to-end, XR solution, offered on a monthly subscription basis. Further, third party XR developers can partner with PIXO to license and distribute their own content, and affiliates and associations can offer their members easy access to a library of curated, immersive learning experiences, particularly for industries where on-site, instructor-led training is often too difficult, dangerous, or expensive to conduct, particularly with the added complications of a post-COVID world.

“Apex makes XR for training, design, collaboration, and endless other uses more affordable and accessible to companies, developers, associations and resellers, helping to grow the industry,” Hurwitz said. “XR provides more immersive, interactive, and meaningful experiences for everyone, especially those now entering the workforce, who have grown up along with this technology through gaming and entertainment. PIXO Apex is XR for the entire world.”

Please join the PIXO team at the VR/AR Global Summit, Sept. 16-18. For more information visit pixovr.com.


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