PIXO Offers VR Trainer Certifications to Users

3 tiers of VR training certifications

Train With PIXO, and Become a Certified Virtual Reality Trainer!

Berkley, Mich. — Enterprise extended reality (XR) solutions provider, PIXO VR, which launched its platform for delivery of VR/AR workplace training content, in 2020, has again pushed the industry forward with their newly announced VR Trainer Certifications. The certification tiers PIXO has announced are: Certified, Advanced, and Pro.

Users can earn these certifications based on the number of training sessions they have administered through the PIXO VR Platform. To earn the ‘Certified’ badge, 100 training sessions must be achieved. For the ‘Advanced’ badge, the required amount of sessions tendered is 250. Lastly, to achieve a ‘Pro’ certification, a user must provide 500+ training sessions in VR.

As individuals reach each tier of certification, they will be awarded the badge and certificate by the PIXO team, which they can use to update their LinkedIn profile to reflect their newly acquired skillset and experience. PIXO will provide a step-by-step guide to:

  • Add the Certified Virtual Reality Trainer badge to your work experience 
  • Add the Certified Virtual Reality Trainer certificate to your licenses and certifications
  • Add Virtual Reality (VR) as a skill
  • Announce your new certification and experience to your LinkedIn network

PIXO also offers the opportunity to accumulate sessions across several roles. In other words, If an individual was in the process of administering training sessions in Virtual Reality, but they transitioned to a new role, that’s okay! Those users can take PIXO with them! Once PIXO’s Customer Success team is made aware, the new sessions will add to their previous total.

These new certifications are yet another step in the right direction for the VR training industry.

“At first, they ask why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask you how you trained without it,” said Paul Wetzel, a Certified VR Trainer from Mathy Construction Company. “Then they’ll ask how’d you knew so soon and get certified in it.”

These new certifications will help qualify those with VR experience in the past, and give them more opportunities to prove the value of this groundbreaking technology. 

“VR training has allowed me to better train my clients and learn how to better evaluate a participant’s knowledge and skill level prior to them performing the tasks in the real world,” said Eric Austin, Risk Management Specialist – Products Liability and Certified Advanced VR Trainer for Amerisure. “With PIXO’s VR Trainer Certification, my own skill level with VR technology is proven, so my clients know they are in good hands.”

If you, or someone within your organization would like to learn more about the process to get VR Certified with PIXO, don’t hesitate to reach out.


PIXO offers a complete, end-to-end, extended reality (XR) solution for enterprise. With PIXO’s cloud-based system, organizations can deploy, use, and scale XR content globally across thousands of users and devices. Headquartered in Berkely, Michigan, the PIXO mission is to unlock human potential and improve lives through the power of emerging technology.

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