New PIXO Platform Features Include Session Filtering, Course Assignments & More

PIXO Platform Updates screenshots

New updates coming to the PIXO platform later this month!

Integration API

  • Allows customers to connect their 3rd party analytics engines to platform data or for integration of LMS
  • Full customizable end points allow customers to select the specific data elements needed
  • WebHooks integration for real-time notification of completed training sessions
  • Manage users directly through the API
  • Full documentation available on the PIXO platform along with sample code

Advanced Session Filtering

  • Session analytics can now be filtered by more than just Organization
  • New filter options
    • User
    • Module
    • Status
    • Custom Date Range
    • Org Unit

Course Assignments

  • Users can now be assigned training courses to complete
  • Managers and Administrators can track course completion against assigned deadlines
  • Past due assigns will be highlighted in red for visibility

PIXO Has Improved VR Management to One Easy Step

As VR training becomes more prevalent in enterprise, one of the leading issues users have identified is how complicated managing the training seems. With PIXO, VR management has been simplified to just one easy step.
Pico Headset

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