PIXO to offer Soft Skills Training through Partnership with Bodyswaps

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PIXO Expands Content Collection with New Bodyswaps ‘Soft Skills’ Training Modules


ROYAL OAK, Mich. — Extended reality (XR) solutions company, PIXO, will be expanding its content library through a new partnership with London-based soft skills training solutions provider, Bodyswaps.

Bodyswaps has an off-the-shelf library of immersive training simulations centered around soft skills including communication, teamwork, leadership, and job interview skills.

In partnership with Bodyswaps, PIXO Apex will now offer 3 new training modules that are essential to workplace communication. Each module comes with several separate ‘simulations’, each created with different learning objectives in mind. The new titles added to the PIXO Content Collection will be: Workplace Communication Essentials, Inclusive Leadership, and Job Interview Simulator.

Workplace Communication includes four simulations: active listening, clear communication, gender inclusion, and career mindset development. This series of simulations, relevant for all team members from managers down to juniors, gives users the chance to practice and build necessary skills in regards to active listening, horizontal communication, and challenging non-inclusive situations / behaviors.

Inclusive Leadership includes simulations for understanding conflict, giving feedback, and resolving conflict. This series of simulations will help managers develop a more inclusive leadership style.

Lastly, the Job Simulator provides simulations on managing interview anxiety, landing the perfect job on your own terms, three steps to answering (almost) any question, along with an interview simulation. This set of simulations allows students to grow and improve their interview skills through repeated practice and personalized feedback.

Bodyswaps simulations are designed to be experienced individually without other participants or external evaluation. The psychological safety awarded by virtual environments encourages exploration without fear of failure, leading to repetition and variations in practice that embed information in new, more durable ways.

These experiences also capture and interpret an unprecedented amount of behavioral data to provide hyper-personalized feedback to the learner. Combining the top-end Bodyswaps immersive experiences with PIXO’s first-of-its-kind XR content management and distribution platform gives customers all the tools to train their employees on various soft skills.


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