PIXO VR Announces Development Collaboration with Dimension X

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For the Creation of an Industry-Changing Low Code Extended Reality (XR) Builder for Enterprise

Berkley, MI. — PIXO VR and Dimension X – creator of Bonfire™, a low code immersive content creation tool for designers, developers, and storytellers – have collaborated to advance Bonfire as a low code Extended Reality (XR) builder for enterprise integrated on to PIXO Platform™. 

PIXO Platform allows enterprises to easily manage, distribute, report on, and now create Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) training globally. PIXO’s customers, including Ford, Bosch, Saudi Aramco and General Dynamics, have utilized immersive, interactive training to improve employee engagement, lower turnover and improve employee performance by increasing confidence from training.  

Together, PIXO and Dimension X have enhanced Bonfire as an enterprise XR content solution that makes it easy for every company to create their own VR/AR/MR content and benefit from immersive training, paving the way for widespread adoption and scale.

“PIXO’s goals are to continue to break down enterprises’ barriers to offering the most effective training available,” said Sean Hurwitz, Founder & CEO of PIXO VR. “Together with Dimension X, we are delivering an enterprise content builder to remove what we have experienced as one of the biggest barriers to the adoption of VR/AR/MR in enterprise: creating relevant, customizable content.”

“Both Dimension X and PIXO share a focus on democratizing highly scalable, immersive experiences,” said Scott Robertson, CEO of Dimension X. “We made Bonfire to empower content creators, and are excited to help PIXO integrate Bonfire onto their Platform to make customized VR/AR/MR available to all companies, with faster content creation timelines and enhanced learning effectiveness beyond what traditional training methods can achieve.”

PIXO Platform now features the only low code XR content creation tool that generates enterprise-quality, fully interactive immersive modules with drag-and-drop simplicity. With a library of reusable, customizable 3D components that are easy to make, and content publishable across desktop, mobile and XR devices, enterprises can create fully interactive custom modules like this fast food bagging training in as little as one month, saving up to 50% in time and cost and making immersive interactive training available to all employees.

Contact us to meet at CES 2024 in Las Vegas and demo this industry-changing low code XR content builder: sales@pixovr.com

About PIXO VR 

PIXO VR recognizes that people are companies’ most valuable asset. We empower employees to do their jobs well and create impact, and enterprises to make their employees feel appreciated. PIXO Platform streamlines management of an Extended Reality (XR) program to one-step content and user management globally. With our vast offering of off-the-shelf VR Training Content and ability to create custom content for specific needs, enterprises can easily start and scale their XR journey with PIXO. 

About Dimension X

Dimension X, Inc. is an immersive and spatial XR products company. It has pioneered the development of software technology that is enabling storytellers, trainers, designers, developers, musicians and entertainers to make boundless experiences using its no-/low-code Bonfire™ builder. It has created the Spark file format, a 3D reusable component that includes both visual characteristics as well as customizable traits, causes and effects that create contextual intelligence. The Spark file format enables drag-and-drop simple experience creation in less time, at lower costs, and with less technical effort. Experiences built in Bonfire can be deployed across all modalities including mobile, desktop and XR devices, making it possible to create world-class training, gaming, marketing, simulations and entertainment. Learn more about Dimension X

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