PIXO VR Announces Strategic Partnership with Verse Foresight as its Middle East Affiliate

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BERKLEY, MI. — PIXO VR is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Verse Foresight as its Middle East Affiliate.

This groundbreaking affiliation combines PIXO’s expertise in VR Training with Verse Foresight’s profound knowledge of learning needs and clients across the Middle East, and extends the outreach of PIXO VR to the region.

“We are excited to partner with Verse Foresight as our Middle East affiliate,” said Sean Hurwitz, CEO of PIXO VR. “The Middle East region’s growing appetite for innovation aligns with our mission to make work safer and more enriching through VR Training. Together with Verse Foresight, we aim to offer unmatched enterprise-grade immersive learning solutions to businesses in the Middle East.”

Mostafa Nassef, CEO of Verse Foresight, expressed equal enthusiasm: “Our partnership with PIXO VR as their affiliate in the Middle East is a significant step towards enhancing immersive learning experiences in the region. Leveraging PIXO’s exceptional VR content creation expertise and enterprise-grade platform, we are poised to empower businesses in the Middle East to engage their audiences in profoundly impactful ways.”

As PIXO VR’s Middle East affiliate, Verse Foresight will focus on providing PIXO’s solutions to a diverse range of industries, including energy, construction, education, healthcare, and more. Clients in the Middle East can anticipate transformative immersive learning experiences that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries.

Stay tuned for updates as PIXO VR and Verse Foresight embark on this transformative journey together, dedicated to bringing the power of VR to the Middle East through their partnership.

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