PIXO VR™ Releases New VR OSHA Safety Compliance Training Module

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DETROIT, March 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Virtual reality safety training company PIXO VR™ has released its new VR-based OSHA Safety Compliance Training module. The latest from PIXO’s library of licensable VR training modules, PIXO’s VR OSHA Training provides an immersive, repeatable experience that not only demonstrates OSHA safety requirements, but also reinforces the importance of compliance. Created using OSHA General Industry Standards, the module will both reinforce and assess the skills necessary for the 10 hour and 30 hour OSHA course completions, and help prevent injuries.

“Training programs increase worker knowledge of occupational safety and help workers avoid on-the-job accidents, injury, and even death,” said Sean Hurwitz, CEO of PIXO VR. “Still, even OSHA-certified employees can miss or ignore hazards that they encounter while working. PIXO’s VR OSHA Training module gives trainees access to hundreds of real-life training scenarios, which would be near impossible to recreate efficiently or cost-effectively through typical training methods. It is a powerful tool to help employees reinforce and refresh their safety skills.”

PIXO’s VR OSHA Training takes place in a fully-rendered and photo-realistic 3D training environment, where an assortment of activities are available, including a safety sweep, a root cause investigation, and emergency response. Each immersive scenario contains unique characteristics, equipment, and opportunities for risk. The training and assessment activities are specifically designed to challenge workers on their knowledge of OSHA safety regulations and compliance. A randomizing feature presents elements that are unique to each training session, promoting retention and not memorization.

Employee participation and successful completion of these activities promote the improvement of their safety awareness and encourages the reduction of unsafe workplace behaviors. With PIXO’s proprietary multi-participant technology, trainees can collaborate with others online and in real-time, working together to make their work spaces safe. In-depth reporting and analytics features are available to assess individual and collective employee performance, monitor skills and identify areas for further training.

For more information about PIXO’s VR OSHA Safety Compliance Training or to schedule a demo, visit: https://pixovr.com/osha-safety-compliance-training/.

Passionate about improving safety and performance in organizations, PIXO VR designs AAA game-quality, licensable virtual reality training modules. Utilities, nuclear facilities, manufacturers, construction companies, first responders, and others with complex procedures rely on PIXO VR’s expertise to create immersive, realistic, and cost-effective learning programs. Teams collaborate easily using software that supports participants from multiple locations, on both VR and non-VR hardware. The proprietary technology significantly reduces upfront cost, optimizes performance, and reduces sickness-causing lag. www.pixovr.com

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