Slalom Selects PIXO VR as its XR Partner

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The Partnership Brings Together Enterprise XR Strategy and Products

SANTA CLARA, CA. — PIXO VR and Slalom, a purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company, announced today a partnership to bring Extended Reality (XR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to enterprises across various industries. Companies can face common challenges when investing in XR, from overcoming the uncertainty of Metaverse hype to understanding how to start and scale XR implementation. The Slalom and PIXO VR partnership will help enterprises navigate the ever-changing landscape of XR technology and implement solutions tailored toward an enterprise’s unique needs to achieve maximum ROI.

“We recognize that people are companies’ most valuable asset,” said Sean Hurwitz, founder & CEO of PIXO VR. “Slalom and PIXO VR have a shared culture around understanding the value of emerging technologies like ours that empower employees to feel safe, confident, and valued in their jobs and to have impact in the company. Our combined expertise and capabilities allow us to offer comprehensive consulting services and XR products that ease implementation and maximize enterprise investments in their employees.”

As enterprises start their XR journey, Slalom and PIXO VR can help qualify and quantify an XR investment by testing, learning, and failing fast. Through this process, customers receive the tools, clarity, and space needed to get the most out of pilots and POCs so enterprises can evidence the influence of investment decisions with real business value and build meaningful cases for XR implementation. 

“Slalom’s strategists help customers discover their unique XR business challenges and opportunities so we can help them develop a comprehensive strategy that capitalizes on the potential of PIXO VR’s technology,” said Tamarah Usher, senior director of Strategy at Slalom. “Slalom’s position at the forefront of strategy, innovation, and transformation, combined with PIXO VR’s leading XR platform and VR training technology, makes us the ideal partners for clients embarking on their XR journey.” 

An example of these synergies came to life when Calwater embarked on their XR strategy and employed Slalom and PIXO VR to bring XR into their organization. Slalom developed the business case and established industry partnerships while PIXO VR delivered the training content and platform to launch a solution that can be utilized across water utilities. 

“At Cal Water, we strive to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Partnering with Slalom and PIXO VR, two pioneers in XR and VR Training, allows us to elevate our operational efficiency, safety standards, and employee skillsets. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards embracing the digital transformation and shaping the future of the water utility industry.” – Michael Luu, Chief Information Officer and Chief Risk Officer at California Water Service Company. 

With PIXO VR, enterprises can launch an XR implementation from pilot to scale with PIXO’s platform as their XR hub. PIXO VR’s platform is SOC 2 compliant, offers one-step content and user management, and hosts any XR content from a hub that can replicate an enterprise’s digital twin environment. With PIXO’s VR training software, enterprises benefit from immersive, interactive training from an XR platform that integrates into your LMS for a seamless experience. Furthermore, Slalom has experience identifying adjacent capabilities or technologies that can bolster an enterprise’s XR investment to get maximum returns, from data-driven scenario planning, virtual IoT operations, and simulations that use AI/ML that can run on PIXO VR’s platform.  

Finally, we understand the importance of change management in operationalizing and integrating XR technologies throughout the business. Slalom’s deep experience in the fields of change, transformation, and product success positions us to provide comprehensive consultation to help clients put the necessary support structures in place to ensure successful adoption. This includes focusing on the employee experience to ensure smooth transitions, and that business efficiencies and value are effectively realized. PIXO VR’s Customer Success team ensures an effective XR implementation with a comprehensive onboarding program and continuous support from initial implementation to scale, empowering employees at all levels through XR. 

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About PIXO VR 

PIXO VR recognizes that people are companies’ most valuable asset. We empower employees to do their jobs well and create impact, and enterprises to make their employees feel appreciated. PIXO VR’s Extended Reality (XR) platform streamlines management of an XR program to one-step content and user management globally. With our vast offering of off-the-shelf VR Training Content and ability to create custom content for specific needs, enterprises can easily start and scale their XR journey with PIXO. Headquartered in Royal Oak, Michigan, the PIXO mission is to unlock human potential and improve lives through the power of emerging technology. 

About Slalom 

Slalom is a purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company. From strategy to implementation, our approach is fiercely human. In seven countries and 44 markets, we deeply understand our customers—and their customers—to deliver practical, end-to-end solutions that drive meaningful impact. Backed by close partnerships with over 400 leading technology providers, our 13,000+ strong team helps people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all. We’re honored to be consistently recognized as a great place to work, including being one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For seven years running. Learn more at

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