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Let’s Talk About the M-word, and Why You Need To Reshape Your View of It

Written by: Sean Hurwitz, Founder & CEO PIXO VR Metaverse, or as I like to call it, ‘the M-word’ is all the rage right now in the extended reality (XR) space, and immersive tech in general. But what really is the Metaverse, … Read More

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VR Expert Podcast Features PIXO CEO Sean Hurwitz

PIXO VR CEO Sean Hurwitz was featured on the most recent episode of the VR Expert Podcast. In this episode, Hurwitz discusses a number of topics with podcast host Mark Cowles, including the inception of PIXO VR, how the company … Read More


Join PIXO at AWE 2022

Hear from PIXO VR Content Portfolio Director Brad Waid as we get ready for AWE 2022: AWE 2022 | June 1-3 | Santa Clara, CA Where XR Business Thrives AWE, which stands for Augmented World Expo and was created by … Read More

PIXO VR and VR Vision Logos with Sean Hurwitz

CEO Sean Hurwitz Featured in VR Vision’s Top 2022 VR/AR Trends: Enterprise AR & VR

Hurwitz was 1 of 15+ industry experts that shared their thoughts on the XR industry today FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ROYAL OAK, Mich. — PIXO VR CEO Sean Hurwitz was featured in the most recent publication from VR Vision. In the … Read More

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After Training 2022, Here’s How VR Helping Training

A message from PIXO VR CEO Sean Hurwitz, following the Training 2022 Conference & Expo Last week, training and development, learning, and performance professionals from both the public and private sectors converged at the Training 2022 Conference & Expo at Disney’s Coronado … Read More

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Immersive Learning and Virtual Reality

Immersive learning in its rawest, most basic form isn’t much different than the old-fashioned method of tossing someone into a pool to teach them how to swim, (that example, of course, would be immersive learning quite literally). Today’s immersive learning … Read More

Difference Between 3dof and 6dof, and Why It’s Important

If you’re just now getting into the world of VR, the multiple acronyms can be a little confusing. Today, we’re going to demystify two similar terms that have to do with the types of motions and maneuvers you can experience … Read More