VR Expert Podcast Features PIXO CEO Sean Hurwitz

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PIXO VR CEO Sean Hurwitz was featured on the most recent episode of the VR Expert Podcast. In this episode, Hurwitz discusses a number of topics with podcast host Mark Cowles, including the inception of PIXO VR, how the company has shifted its focus over the years, the importance of having an all-in-one platform for VR, and the future of VR training.

Listen to this episode here.

About VR Expert

VR Expert is Europe’s leading provider of VR & AR hardware. Active in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. With offices in Utrecht and Cologne. Our mission is to help companies successfully implement VR&AR hardware solutions.

Since 2012 we have been active in the VR / AR market. With our young team now comprised of over 15+ experts with proficiencies in 4 languages, working from offices in the Netherlands and Germany.

PIXO Has Improved VR Management to One Easy Step

As VR training becomes more prevalent in enterprise, one of the leading issues users have identified is how complicated managing the training seems. With PIXO, VR management has been simplified to just one easy step.
Pico Headset

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