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PIXO VR is Proud to Partner with N-iX, and Urges Other Companies to Do the Same


ROYAL OAK, Mich. — With all of the devastating news pouring out of Ukraine daily, PIXO VR is pleased to be able to share something positive directly from our development partners at N-iX Game & VR Studio who live and work there. 

While deadlines should not only be flexible, but downright unimportant in the face of invasion, the N-iX team wants the world to know that they are not only working, but still meeting deadlines. N-iX sees their work ethic as a way of showing that they will not be held back; they are working and delivering, while helping with defense and safety efforts at home.

“We have mainly been concerned with their well-being,” said Sean Hurwitz, CEO of PIXO VR, “but the N-iX team has insisted on focusing just as much on our needs as theirs.”

Economic support from customers like PIXO VR is vital to help the N-iX team operate, get to safety, and aid in efforts to defend Ukraine.

“N-iX donates to our armed forces and non-governmental organizations,“ said Oleg Kozak,Game & VR Studio Delivery Manager at N-iX Game & VR Studio in L’viv, Ukraine. Kozak continued, “We raised $30,000 from the company and employees in a single day, and plan to purchase vests and helmets for the army and territorial defense forces.”

In addition, N-iX reimburses 50% of salaries to employees drafted into the army, and works tirelessly to help their people get to safety.

In order to maintain these efforts, N-iX needs more customers, and more support.

“We have encountered a slowdown in engaging with new clients,” Kozak stated. “A big part of our team keeps delivery ongoing, and we have a huge resource potential with specialists dropping Russian or Belarus-affiliated companies and becoming available to work. We are available and able to take on more projects, we just need more clients.”

Jean Kaptur, COO of PIXO VR, has worked with the N-iX Game & VR Studio team for years. “We consider the N-iX team to be part of the PIXO team, and will do anything we can to support them in their current efforts,” she stated. “We recognize the far-reaching effect of being a N-iX customer and urge other companies with game development or art production needs to work with N-iX. You will get great results and have a life-saving impact.”

About N-iX Game & VR Studio

N-iX Game & VR Studio is a game development and art production company established back in 2012. The studio is a part of N-iX, a leading European software development company with over 1,700 professionals and 19 years of market presence. Contact contact@n-ix.com for seasoned developers or skilled artists.


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