Great Applications for VR Content in Health and Wellness

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VR training is a popular choice for training and education in multiple industries such as manufacturing, and emergency response, with new titles including Hazard Recognition (Construction Site), COVID-19 PPE Usage & Handwashing, and Fire Extinguisher Training.

All over the world, organizations are tapping into the ease of use and effortless scalability of VR training to grow their businesses and effectively train new employees. 

The applications for VR in business don’t simply stop with workforce training

Let’s look at the content that VR can offer for health and wellness. 

VR Content for Health And Wellness

The World Health Organization has dubbed stress as the “health epidemic of the 21st century,” with technology often identified as a major stress contributor to everyday life. 

However, ironically, technology is becoming the leading-edge solution for tackling and reducing stress. Through VR content for health and wellness, consumers have more options than ever before to access tools that can help them find balance.      

Meditation has been shown to improve anxiety levels up to 60% of the time and tops many peer-reviewed studies as the most effective method for stress reduction.

With an estimated between 200 and 500 million people practicing meditation, and more than 14% of Americans reporting they have meditated at least once, it’s easy to see the increased popularity of well-being.                                                                                                                     

Mindfulness And Stress Reduction

Our bodies internalize stress every day.

Your body’s natural stress response triggers the flight or fight response. In instances of severe danger, automatic physical response is beneficial, but staying in that state for a prolonged period can result in serious physical harm to our bodies.

By affecting our bodies precisely the opposite of how stress does, meditation and mindfulness counteract the effect of stress. Meditation and mindfulness trigger our body’s relaxation response

When our relaxation response is triggered, our bodies work to repair themselves naturally while preventing new damage from new exposures to stress.  

In addition, relaxation helps our minds to calm and reduce the stress-induced thoughts that can trigger our stress response without our conscious awareness. 

Mindfulness In The Workplace 

Multiple studies have illustrated the direct impact of mindfulness in the workplace and its ability to improve performance directly

In addition to overall improved performance, benefits from mindfulness, relaxation and meditation offer other benefits contributing to improved general well-being in the workplace.

Mindfulness Improves Focus

Studies show mindfulness training reduces distraction and improves our ability to focus. It helps us avoid periods of unproductiveness by allowing us to concentrate. 

Mindfulness Enhances Creativity 

Our mental state impacts our creativity; the better our mental state, the greater our creativity. Mindfulness training allows us to get into a more creative frame of mind by combating the negative thoughts and self-talk that restrict creative expression. 

In addition, mindfulness allows us the creative insight and cognitive flexibility often lacking in modern workplaces.

Mindfulness Increases Emotional Intelligence 

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to improve your ability to: 

  • interpret and understand your emotions
  • identify the emotions of others
  • strengthen control of your own emotions

Mindfulness Improves Communication

Mindfulness allows us to retrain our minds to focus on the present and actively engage people with kindness and compassion. This increased engagement improves communication and encourages meaningful engagement. 

SOLAS VR Content For Health And Wellness

Solas VR allows organizations to boost employee productivity and satisfaction through guided meditations designed for real life. 

Let’s look at some off-the-shelf, ready-to-use content that Solas VR offers. 

The Meditation Space

The Meditation Space offers a vast array of 360-degree videos that capture the stunning green beauty of the Ireland highlands. Use these immersive videos for a variety of meditation experiences any time you need to recharge.

The Wisdom Space

Solas VR’s Wisdom Space is a quiet area perfect for self-reflection and self-discovery. The Wisdom Space is updated regularly with new stories and discussions to ensure you have access to the self-improvement pathway you want when you want it.

The Breathing Space

In the Breathing Space, Solas VR delivers specially designed exercises suitable for users at any experience level. 

Employees benefit from stress-relieving micro-breaks. These brief, voluntary sessions can be a beneficial tool for reducing workplace stress, boosting creativity and sharpening our communication skills. 

In addition, Solas VR experiences enable mini-meditation sessions that actively encourage improved calmness, stress relief, and overall improved mental well-being.

Off-The-Shelf VR Content

PIXO offers an extensive, off-the-shelf library that allows companies to roll out training to employees across multiple sites, wherever they are in the world. Organizations can also customize off-the-shelf training modules to keep consistent branding across all company communications.

Choose from hundreds of titles and effortlessly ensure that all employees are accessing the same material, across your organization. 

With new titles constantly being added, you can provide employees with an ongoing resource for wellness and general well-being while on the job. And because PIXO Apex is a cloud-based solution, managing global XR content has never been easier.

VR Content For Remote Employee Well-Being

Life hasn’t stopped because of COVID-19, but it has changed the way we do business. 

Almost everything, from hiring to training to day-to-day operations, is different. 

More and more companies are leveraging VR to build cohesive teams, and growing their organizations even while working from home. Businesses of all sizes are exploring the potential VR can bring to their daily operations. 

In addition, companies can support employees through VR content for health and wellness no matter where remote employees might be working. 

Partner With PIXO

With a focus on mindfulness, wellness, and helping users find an improved state of mind, PIXO Solas VR is eager to partner with your organization and help you create healthier employees and companies overall. 

VR content for health and wellness allows people to experience greater connectedness, not just with technology but with nature and each other. 

But don’t take our word for it— experience for yourself what PIXO can do for your organization.

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