VR Training for Manufacturing

VR Training for Manufacturing

Create a culture of safety while actually reducing costs.

We help manufacturers with more effective, efficient training.

American Manufacturing is making a major comeback — but a serious shortage of skilled labor is holding it back. Job openings go unfilled as companies spend huge sums to attract new talent, reducing productivity while increasing cost. To top it off, there’s the ever-present problem of labor retention and high turnover.

In an industry that puts a premium on efficiency, a fast-aging workforce and shrinking pool of qualified workers to replace them is a recipe for waste, added expense, and costly mistakes. 

What Manufacturing and General Industry need is a smarter, faster way to grow their teams’ capabilities…without growing their training budgets.

What they need is a more engaging and effective training solution that allows for better skills transfer, reduces the time needed to train, and provides real-world experience without real-world risk.

So the thinkers and makers at PIXO built precisely that — virtually.

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PIXO VR Training for Manufacturing: your supply chain for training.

For the Manufacturing Sector, efficiency is critical. Deadlines must be met, rain or shine, and delays in production can cripple productivity and profit. In an industry where the margin for error is so slight, the quality and skill of a company’s workers can make the difference between success or failure — a competitive edge or a major liability.

From helping recruit new employees with a more exciting means of onboarding and orientation, to preparing them for the daily challenges of the job, to helping existing workers sharpen and develop their safety and skills abilities over time, PIXO VR Training support training and workforce development for Manufacturing at every level.

Our first-to-market Multi-user Functionality allows up to dozens of trainees to collaborate and interact at the same time — from anywhere in the world — all in the safety of a risk-free virtual environment.  With Scenario Randomization, we test trainees’ depth of knowledge on a wide array of safety protocols and needed skills, ensuring they stay alert and engaged. Best of all, with Real-Time Reporting & Analystics data, we provide immediate, actionable feedback for trainees and unprecedented visibility into trainee capabilities for training managers and employers.

Put simply, we provide the most engaging, efficient, and effective training on the market today, helping manufacturing companies improve employee performance, reduce costly errors, and manage risk.

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Safety and skills training that actually changes behavior.

As experiential learning, fully immersive Virtual Reality Training helps trainees form more meaningful and longer lasting connections with subject matter.

Better learning retention

With advanced gamification techniques, we help trainees retain significantly more of what they learn.

Reduce human error

By leveraging sense-memory, our training significantly reduces human error in the completion of tasks.

Improve efficiency

Using our methods, trainees learn the same material in 40-60% less time than with traditional training.

Cultivate safety

Engaging stories and simulated consequences transform safety from an abstract idea to a concrete reality.

Encourage collaboration

Allow dozens of trainees to interact in one environment at one time — from any endpoint in the world.

Cut needless costs

Save money on lost productivity due to down-time, the expense of travel, and frequency of incidents.

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