Why Companies are Adopting Virtual Reality Training

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The following is an excerpt from our whitepaper: ‘How to Bring Virtual Reality Into Your Employee Training Program’:

Virtual reality (VR) has already grown in popularity in the gaming world as it creates a more engaging, interactive experience. But does it really have a place in the work environment? The answer is definitively yes. A 2020 study shared on TechRepublic found that 91% of enterprises had either started using VR or were planning to in the near future. Another study stated that 39% of large companies are already using AR/VR to train employees in simulated environments. VR training is being rapidly adopted by enterprises to enhance their employee training programs and help solve existing problems. The reasons that companies are adding VR training range from saving money to resolving workforce issues.

VR training adoption is happening quickly because it is proving to be an effective addition to existing training programs.  A PwC study found that VR learners were faster to train, more confident in applying skills learned, more focused, more connected, and that it is more cost effective when compared to traditional training methods. Many other studies have been done to prove how VR training yields a 43% decrease in workplace injuries, a 76% increase in learning effectiveness, and that the benefits of doing VR training are far exceeding expectations. 

This paper will cover the reasons that VR training is a great addition to employee training programs and will provide best practices for successfully bringing VR into your program from getting buy-in through to a pilot and eventual rollout to employees. VR training is a great opportunity for training directors to help solve business problems that will be measurable at the executive level. VR training is not a replacement for training programs, but rather a way to enhance training where it is most effective. This paper will help training directors think through appropriate applications and provide the steps to make it a reality.

Download the whitepaper: ‘How to Bring Virtual Reality Into Your Employee Training Program’

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