New Feature Added to Apex™: Mouse / Keyboard Availability

Mouse keyboard box selected yes

PIXO Apex™ now offers mouse / keyboard functionality on select modules


ROYAL OAK, Mich. — Extended reality (XR) solutions company, PIXO, has announced a new mouse / keyboard availability feature on their groundbreaking content distribution platform, Apex™.

A new field has been added to indicate if a tethered version of a VR build has the ability to be controlled by mouse and keyboard controls. The field is selectable on the Version edit page and also viewable on the full ‘Module Versions’ listing page.

This new feature will benefit any trainee without access to a headset, enabling them to still work through certain training experiences. Some training modules that offer this new feature include First Responder Operations (Hazmat), Hazard Recognition, Natural Gas Leak Emergency Response, Low Voltage Rescue, and more.

PIXO Has Improved VR Management to One Easy Step

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