How Solas VR’s Corporate Mindfulness Experiences Complement Training

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The following blog was prepared by the team at Solas VR

In these post-pandemic times we are experiencing a paradigm shift: at work, at home, and in work-from-home environments. Our old practices, habits, and beliefs no longer serve us or are relevant to our changing landscape. This can be a very challenging and stressful time for companies and individuals.

Successful organizations have long recognized the need for what is termed “corporate wellness”. Empathetic leaders look for ways to keep their teams relaxed and focused, free from stress and anxiety. This greater emphasis on well-being and mental health delivers more resilient, creative, and collaborative employees.

Although sharing a cup of coffee or chatting over the water tank can seem relaxing, research posits that a microbreak can refresh the mind and refocus us better than these activities. A microbreak is a complete break where we step out of our normal concerns. This can come in the form of a walk in the park, a breathing exercise, or a meditation.

Finding a place to take a microbreak isn’t always easy, especially for those in highly populated metropolitan areas, or stuck inside all day. This is where virtual reality comes into its own.

Solas VR’s Virtual Reality Wellness App transports the user to beautiful nature-based scenes to allow five to 10 minutes to experience the joy of sitting under a tree, or by a lake, or simply in beautiful sunshine surrounded by spring flowers.

The Solas VR experiences allow users to reconnect to nature and recenter thoughts and emotions. We continually stimulate our sympathetic nervous system – fight or flight. Spending time in nature, even virtually, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to balance this, inducing feelings of calm, centeredness, and control. This leaves users with reduced stress and better resources to deal with the next activity. This new clarity of the mind can help individuals manage stress and burnout, and corporations to build strong, highly effective teams.

Users do not have to train in meditation, mindfulness or even breathing techniques as the app takes them on a journey leveraging the power of virtual reality to deliver these nature-based transformational experiences. Absolute beginners can master breathing techniques, or immerse themselves in a beautiful lakeside scene listening to the guided meditations.

Virtual Reality has already been adopted by large enterprises across various industries as a powerful new training tool. Instead of spending hours trying to explain hard skills, soft skills, or wellness as new corporate needs, VR technology creates an environment identical to the real one.

Simply put, Solas VR wellness experiences complement training activities. We know that students who are calmer and less anxious are more open to new learnings and ideas. When trainees are in a calm state of mind they can absorb knowledge faster, making training exercises less time consuming and more effective. Solas VR experiences can enhance training benefits as well as the user experience, contributing to less anxious or stressed employees

In a nutshell, virtual reality applications, like Solas VR in particular, reframe training and teamwork and introduce new methods to replace traditional ones. Either before a meeting, as a focusing practice, or as a training environment itself, VR changes the rules of the game and allows employees to stay calm and focused in an unprecedented way.

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