Off-the-Shelf Training Modules: Building Your Own VR Content Library

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Leverage off-the-shelf VR training modules developed by subject matter experts, and turn knowledge into action with your own interactive VR content library.

Off-the-shelf learning allows you to offer engaging training while minimizing costs and reaching training deadlines. From soft skills to professional development, compliance to safety training, and more, the Content Collection on PIXO Apex offers a ready-made library of pre-built courses for various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, energy and utility, and first responder/public safety.

Managing traditional training and the distribution of content

Content distribution is the process of sharing and utilizing your training content — and traditional training carries with it several inherent obstacles. 

Traditional training methods can drain your organization of valuable resources, such as time, money, and productivity. Costs associated with facilities and equipment rental, combined with downtime and productivity loss that accompanies pulling employees away from their jobs to attend an in-person learning event can take a big bite out of your bottom line. 

Downtime impedes the ability to meet deliverable deadlines, bringing with it the potential of lost or dissatisfied clients. Since we all learn in a manner and method unique to the learner, traditional training requires everyone to learn at once, in one style, regardless of individual strengths or learning challenges. 

The Solution: VR training content

When you use virtual content for training purposes, you can help reduce and eliminate many of the inefficiencies most organizations can be susceptible to. Virtual training content allows you to make the same training material available to all learners at optimized times and schedules, without the same downtimes or productivity losses. 

Because VR content provides a real-world, hands-on experience to all learners, trainees learn faster with increased retention compared to traditional training methods. VR content supports collaboration across teams and locations, optimizing your workforce, equipment, and operational resources on-demand, anywhere in the world. 

Virtual training also allows organizations to maintain and meet training targets while respecting COVID-19 social distancing protocols

Using PIXO Apex’s Control Center, you can create employee profiles, distribute training modules, grant or revoke permissions, ensure software is updated, and view employee training module session data results. 

Instantly download and train employees using VR, AR, and MR training content directly on any number of best-selling VR headsets, or desktop setup, creating a seamless training content transfer.

Without the need to pull large groups of employees or new hires into a single location, you can continue to reach or even exceed training deadlines and productivity levels while protecting your most valued asset: people.

Off-the-shelf VR content, bringing training to a digital classroom

PIXO’s library of ready-made VR training content for numerous industries means you can grow your organization the way you want, when you want, from wherever you are in the world.

VR Training for Construction

PIXO VR training for construction allows you to develop workers capable of identifying workplace hazards or dangers and taking the necessary and appropriate corrective actions to address. 

Safety is everyone’s business. With PIXO VR, ensure your workers have practical, hands-on experience in all aspects of your operation before they have to apply their skills and knowledge on the job. 

VR Training for Manufacturing

Efficiency is critical in the manufacturing industry; deadlines must be met.

With a razor-thin margin for error, each worker’s quality and skill can mean the difference between a competitive edge or a significant liability.

PIXO VR training for manufacturing can help with onboarding and orientation of recruits, ensure new hires are appropriately prepared for the job’s daily responsibilities, and help sharpen safety awareness and skills development for both new and existing workers.

VR Training for Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility companies depend on comprehensive training capable of bridging the skills gap between a generation of veteran employees at or near retirement age and those who will replace them by providing hands-on, real-world experience without the real-world risks and costs.

PIXO VR training for energy and utility companies goes beyond safety and skills training to address turnover issues by creating an environment that fosters improved efficiency and collaboration. Energy and Utility companies need solutions that boost learner recall while reducing the possibility of severe injury or error. 

Ready to distribute across the country, or the globe

Because PIXO VR training modules are cloud-based, there are no associated costs tied to location — all that’s needed is a WiFi connection. Once provisioned by an administrator, end users can access training modules no matter where they are in the world.

VR experiences can even be used without access to specific XR devices, such as head-mounted displays, (or ‘HMDs’), where desktop versions of a module are available.

Being cloud-based also means the VR training content you’ve selected from your own licensed VR content library is available whenever the learners themselves are able to learn — anywhere at any time.

Gauge real-time feedback and analytics. Train and Hire with confidence.

With PIXO Apex’s real-time reporting and analytics data, you have access to immediate, actionable trainee feedback. Gain unmatched clarity into trainee capabilities by quickly identifying areas for needed improvement, or conversely, where employees have mastered certain skills and are prepared for more training, or even real-world, on-the-job responsibilities.

PIXO helps provide you with the insight and confidence you need to be sure your employees are prepared for their roles.

We created PIXO Apex to solve global content, hardware compatibility, and distribution issues. We built Apex with large public and private sector enterprises and organizations in mind. With this focus, we designed PIXO Apex as an all-in-one XR content distribution, management, and analytics platform that delivers streamlined deployment and scalability for tens, hundreds, even thousands of end-users with unparalleled ease-of-use. With our ever-expanding library of content, PIXO can help you train better, faster, and for less, with relevant off-the-shelf VR content that ensures you’re not “reinventing the wheel” when it comes to your VR, AR, or MR training solutions.

Transform your training with virtual reality!

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