Safety and skills training that actually changes behavior.

We help construction and construction management companies solve training challenges.

Construction is grappling with a skilled labor shortage. Veteran employees are aging-out of their working years and a new generation — one that learns differently than those before — is slow to join the ranks.

Staffing job sites with talent is getting harder. As standards and regulations increase, training gets more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. After all that, there’s the problem of worker retention. With a smaller pool and high turnover come increased risks of mistakes, blown deadlines, on-site injuries, OSHA fines, and damaging litigation.

Construction needs a training solution that improves performance, cultivates safety, and closes the experience gap — all while reducing cost and risk. That’s no small task. But just as you build the physical world around us, we build virtual worlds to unlock the potential within us.

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  • Asbestos Hazard & Awareness
  • Accident Awareness & Avoidance
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness
  • Confined Spaces
  • Heat Illness & Cold Stress
  • COHE
  • Crane Safety
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Prevention
  • Ground Fault Protection
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fall Arrest Systems & Heights Training
  • Hot Work
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Manlifts & Aerial Platforms
  • OSHA 1910 & 1926
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Power Tools
  • Scaffold & Ladders
  • Trenchwork
  • Emergency Response
  • Ergonomics
  • Exposed/Unprotected Edge
  • Hazard Communication
  • Hazardous Material Handling & Cleanup
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Silica
  • Tie-off Training
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Excavation Awareness
  • OSHA Signs, Signals & Barricades
  • Respirator Training
  • Rigging Safety
  • Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (STSC)
  • Spray Coating Operations
  • Tubular Welded Frame Scaffold Erectors
  • Working Around Mobile Equipment
  • Workzone Traffic Control

Scenes from our experiences

Need something specific? Let's talk about a custom solution.

Working with our award-winning team of 3D artists, designers, and engineers, use our state-of-the-art platform to build your own custom Virtual Reality Training experience. Contact us today to discuss your training objectives and get a free quote.

PIXO VR Training for Construction: Your Blueprint for a Better Team.

PIXO VR Training for Construction helps companies build success from the ground up, filling job sites with skilled and capable workers. We use VR technology to help create the all-important ‘Competent Person’ — someone capable of identifying hazards that are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous, and who can take the proper corrective actions to fix them. By fostering these ‘competent people’, we can help construction firms at virtually every level.

Construction Worker

With PIXO Virtual Reality Training for Construction, C-level leaders like CEOs and Presidents can focus on building their business. With a more skilled workforce come reductions in errors, accidents, and TCoR (Total Cost of Risk). This means projects are more safely and efficiently completed, resulting in healthier bottom lines.

By making safety and skills training more engaging and effective for a younger workforce, Training Directors and Managers can train them correctly “the first time”, improving capabilities, lessening the need for re-training, and helping to manage retention issues.

With robust data tracking and reporting metrics on trainees, Environmental Health and Safety Directors get the visibility they need to set the proper standards for safety and compliance in the workplace, minimizing risks and mistakes, and reducing the potential for OSHA fines and lawsuits.

Trainees themselves can actually enjoy their training, and realize significant improvements in recall accuracy and learning retention, giving them the chance to unlock their full potential, both on the job and within your organization.

We're building new realities every day.

PIXO VR thinkers and makers are always adding new experiences to our VR Training Center. If you didn’t find what you were looking for today, visit us again soon for updates on our latest training solutions or get in touch with us to discuss a fully custom VR Training solution for your business.

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