VR Training for Energy and Utilities

VR Training for Energy & Public Utilities

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We help bring the next generation energy workforce on-line.

As an entire generation of veteran employees near the end of their working years, Energy and Utilities companies are facing a serious shortage of skilled labor. As they say, ‘good help is hard to find’, and hiring and training has become more difficult and expensive than ever.

With a limited pool of teachable talent and a wave of retirements, decades of on-the-job experience is being lost as the transfer of skills and knowledge is interrupted. With this loss comes increased risk of serious mistakes and accidents.

Energy and Utilities companies need training that can bridge the skills gap by providing real-world experience without real-world cost and risk. They need training that can address issues of turnover and create greater efficiency and collaboration. They need solutions that improve recall and reduce the chances for serious error. 

So that’s exactly what the thinkers and makers at PIXO VR created.

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PIXO VR Training for energy: powering the future of training.

From basic skills to complex lessons, PIXO VR Training for Energy and Utilities teaches and reinforces better than any classroom exercise or desktop computer-based training ever could, leading to improvements in recall accuracy and a reduction in errors — all in less time than with traditional training methods.

Rather than passively lecture them, we allow trainees to actively engage with, and practice in, a fully immersive 3D environment that turns mistakes into learning opportunities and builds emotional connections with subject matter developed by experts.

We provide training that works across all learning styles, creating more meaningful training experiences that take training out of the realm of theory and into vivid, photorealistic practice.

Combined with groundbreaking features like multi-user functionality, scenario randomization, and real-time reporting and analytics, we train current and new employees the best way possible — through hands-on, personal experience.

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Safety and skills training that actually changes behavior.

As experiential learning, fully immersive Virtual Reality Training helps trainees form more meaningful and longer lasting connections with subject matter.

Better learning retention

With advanced gamification techniques, we help trainees retain significantly more of what they learn.

Reduce human error

By leveraging sense-memory, our training significantly reduces human error in the completion of tasks.

Improve efficiency

Using our methods, trainees learn the same material in 40-60% less time than with traditional training.

Cultivate safety

Engaging stories and simulated consequences transform safety from an abstract idea to a concrete reality.

Encourage collaboration

Allow dozens of trainees to interact in one environment at one time — from any endpoint in the world.

Cut needless costs

Save money on lost productivity due to down-time, the expense of travel, and frequency of incidents.

Browse available VR Training experiences for the energy industry.