Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality Training for Enterprise

Train better, faster, for less with PIXO VR Training.

Improve Learning Retention

Studies show immersive VR Training can improve learning retention up to 80%. 

Reduce Cost, Errors & Risk

With VR Training, experience dramatic reduction in needless expenses and costly human error.

Create a Culture of Safety

Turn mistakes into learning opportunities within the safety of a simulated environment.

Choose titles from our growing library of off-the-shelf content, or ask about a custom VR Training project.

Leverage ready-to-use VR/AR content or bespoke content, customized to the specific needs of your organization — all easily managed and deployed on the PIXO Apex™ platform.

Watch PIXO multi-user VR Training in action.

What features should VR (and XR) offer?

Not only isn't all XR "real VR" — not all VR can create the same quality of experience PIXO can. VR content, whether for training or other applications, works best when it offers features that deliver ongoing value and a superior user experience. Further, VR (and XR) content is only as good as the platform that delivers it.

Multi-user Functionality

Organizations rely on teams, not just individuals. PIXO VR Training allows dozens of users to learn, interact, and collaborate in the same space — even if separated by thousands of miles.

Scenario Randomization

PIXO VR Training exposes users to literally millions of different repeatable and randomized workplace scenarios, providing a career’s worth of job experience in days or even hours.

Real-Time Data & Analytics

Users benefit from real-time scoring and feedback, given while lessons are still top-of-mind. Gain critical insight into your training program with SCORM-compliant data analytics.

Turn-key Global Distribution

VR Training pilot programs may show the promise of XR technology, but to deliver its full value, companies have to scale VR, AR, and MR content on a global level. PIXO Apex does just that.

Simple Content Management

Until now, XR solutions have been difficult to access, use, and manage. With PIXO Apex, the entire implemetation process with an easy-to-use control center.

Direct Download to Devices

VR Training distributed on the PIXO Apex platform can be provisioned directly to authenticated users' devices and downloaded instantly. No more sideloading. No more hassle.

Off-the-Shelf Content Available Now on PIXO Apex

Get the most exciting and engaging enterprise XR content available today. Don't see what you're looking for? Start a conversation with us about your organization's needs.

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