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XRA Limitless Future Conference November 1st • Atlanta, GA

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Use Case Power Hour

Join us for our panel where PIXO will be joined by Chick-fil-A's Rich Beaudrie & General Dynamic's Glen Hilt

About Chick-fil-A:
About General Dynamics:

PIXO VR will be attending the XRA Limitless Future Conference and will be hosting a panel with Chick-fil-A and General Dynamics.

Hear from Sean Hurwitz, CEO & Founder of PIXO VR, Rich Beaudrie, Learning & Development, Digital Learning at Chick-fil-A and Glen Hilt, Senior Manufacturing Trades Training Specialist at General Dynamics Bath Iron Works about how virtual reality is transforming their training programs to achieve greater engagement and learning retention.

The event will be held on Tuesday, November 1st starting at 1:15 pm EST at the Hotel Colee, in Atlanta, Georgia. Fill out the form, to receive an email reminder ahead of the panel, and a copy of the presentation after.

Join Us for our Use Case Power Hour at XRA Limitless Future Conference
with General Dynamics Bath Iron Works & Chick-fil-A
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Virtual Reality Improves Employee Training Outcomes

The Benefits of VR Learning are:

4x faster to train

2.75x more confident

3.75x more connected

4x more focused

More cost effective

PwC study: How virtual reality is redefining soft skills training

Our Enterprise XR Platform, Allows You to Manage Unlimited Organizations and Programs

Achieve 4X greater engagement and 80% improvement in learning retention with VR training. With the world’s largest off-the-shelf VR Training Content Library, the ability to create custom content for your specific needs and our cloud-based platform, organizations can deploy, use, and scale VR content globally to thousands of users and devices with PIXO.

With PIXO, You Get Access to the Largest VR Training Content Library

The PIXO platform is host to VR training content made by VR content creators throughout the world. This means that a wide range of standard employee training content from hard skills, soft skills, and meditation + mindfulness is at the click of a button for you to provide to your organizations.

The PIXO Platform Provides Deep Insight Into Training Data at All Levels

The PIXO platform automatically tracks training progress at every stage—from headset upload through to completion. Program administrators will be able to see how users are doing with the content, time spent doing training, scores from training assessments, and a host of other data points. This information can be seen by user, group, organization, or across all of your programs.

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“We can create realistic simulations of on-the-job work so employees can do it with repetition and oversight. The value of VR is that you have the visual-auditory experience of performing a job task without distractions.”
Tristan Murry headshot
Tristan Murray, Manager, Training Quality & Innovation
Atmos Energy Corporation

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