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With PIXO, You Can Introduce VR Into Your Current Workplace Safety Training Program

JUNE 27 - 29 • Chicago, IL

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Whether You Need Off-The-Shelf, or Custom VR Content, PIXO’s Got You Covered

We have the Worlds Largest Library of Workplace Safety Content.

Virtual Reality Improves Employee Training Outcomes

The Benefits of VR Learning are:

4x faster to train

2.75x more confident

3.75x more connected

4x more focused

More cost effective

PwC study: How virtual reality is redefining soft skills training

“We can create realistic simulations of on-the-job work so employees can do it with repetition and oversight. The value of VR is that you have the visual-auditory experience of performing a job task without distractions.”
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Tristan Murray, Manager, Training Quality & Innovation
Atmos Energy Corporation

Our clients are finding success with VR training

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Saudi Aramco had been piloting VR for a few years. They ran into a barrier in fully integrating, as they did not have a scalable platform. Currently, they curate content worldwide, deploying it with Apex™.

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GTI approached PIXO to create a full library of VR training for the gas industry. They now can offer clients in the gas industry a more cost

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JBHXR was searching for a cloud-based platform to deliver a variety of XR content, manage users, and capture data at scale. Partnering with PIXO, they can now provide this to their customers.

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Ford Motor Company, Bosch, and PIXO collaborated to ensure technicians are properly trained with innovative VR solutions to provide service and maintenance on the company’s most advanced original equipment.

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Apex allows organizations to overcome traditional training barriers

Before adopting VR Training, New Jersey Natural Gas mainly conducted employee training in classrooms where the instructor provided pointers for what to do in a real-life situation. But the company wanted a progressive solution that could scale with its advancing needs. The ‘classroom’ simply didn’t allow for live training to be performed.

Two years after adopting PIXO VR’s solution, the organization is capturing benefits and delivering on its objectives. To date, realized benefits include:

  • Increased flexibility to train in unsafe environments
  • Overcoming training barriers with various age demographics
  • Achieving higher engagement and educational reach with visual learners 
“We wanted our company to exemplify the world-class standard in training. We wanted it to be something that could show our employees that we have different training options and that we’re not just sitting around drawing on a chalkboard or looking at pictures on a screen. We wanted to make sure that we could show them and help them prepare for tasks in the field with hands-on experience.”
Connor Wells, Training Specialist
New Jersey Natural Gas

These VR training programs are powered by Apex

Apex Provides a Complete VR Solution for Enterprise

For JBHXR, it was clear that partnering with PIXO would give their clients the solution needed to truly leverage the power of VR training, all while being more versatile and cost-effective.

JBHXR was drawn to the PIXO solution for various reasons:

  • Content: PIXO’s ever-expanding VR training content library gives JBHXR a wider variety of content to offer their clients, including safety, technical, and soft skills.
  • Hardware Flexibility: Apex is ‘hardware agnostic’, meaning content works on any headset, regardless of model.
  • Scalability: Through Apex, admins have the power to wirelessly deploy VR content to any headset in their fleet, worldwide, and easily track training session data / results. JBHXR’s first rollout involved 100’s of headset and 1000’s of users.
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“We were looking for a partner that offered a cloud-based platform solution to enable us to manage the delivery of content and management of users. They had to be able to help us with content development and deployment."
Shane Darwin

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