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One of the first skills new field technicians learn is how to correctly perform a gas meter inspection.

Until now, getting new hires up to speed on this critical task has required time and resource-consuming ride-alongs — and even those can’t prepare trainees for everything.

With Scenario Randomization, PIXO VR Gas Meter Inspection challenges trainees with millions of different situational details — meter configuration, active leaks, signs of corrosion, even evidence of tampering — providing them with a career’s worth of relevant experience in days or even hours.


PIXO VR Gas Meter Inspection challenges trainees to perform a gas meter inspection in a residential basement, grading them on three important tasks.

Locate Meter & Verify Work Order

After arriving at the scene, trainees’ first job is to locate the gas meter itself. Upon finding it, they must then check the meter’s registration number against their work order.

Use Tools to Inspect for Leaks, Damage & Defects

Trainees use simulated real-world tools to inspect the gas meter for possible leaks, signs of metal corrosion, damage to meter components, or evidence of potential tampering.

Check Results with Real-Time Scoring

Real-time reporting and advanced gaze-tracking technology gives trainees, training managers and employers insight into what trainees know and what needs work.


VR Gas Meter Randomization

Get Trainees Up-to-Speed with Scenario Randomization

Provide a unique training experience for each user — every time — with Scenario Randomization that generates millions of unique meter configurations, defects, and location combinations.

Practice Real-World Situations with Simulated Real-World Tools

Find leaks using a simulated real-world gas detection tool that works just as it would outside of the Virtual Reality Training environment, giving trainees a chance to improve learning retention through sense memory.

VR Gas Meter Training Tracking

Gain Visibility with Real-Time Reporting and Data Analytics

Use our advanced data collection and real-time reporting for immediate & actionable feedback for trainees and greatly enhanced visibility into team capabilities and progress over time for trainers and employers. 

Scenes from PIXO VR Gas Meter Inspection

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